IoT Edge

Your gateway to proactive asset intelligence with IBM Maximo. 

Consolidate, Integrate, and Analyze Data with TRM IoT Edge.

Terabytes of data are collected and stored in SCADA systems, databases, and gateways but are seldom used to take the right action at the right time.

Powered by RulesManager Studio, TRM IoT Edge allows for the intelligent use of that underutilized information, within Maximo, to improve reliability, availability, and maintainability. This results in increased asset value, lower costs, and optimized efficiency.

Bridging the Gap Between Equipment Devices & Sensors and IBM Maximo.

Integrated with IBM’s Maximo asset management system, TRM IoT Edge brings the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to utilities, factory floors, vehicles, facilities, and field equipment faster, more efficiently, and at lower total cost of ownership than proprietary systems requiring new equipment or custom software.

Pictured Right: IoT Edge screens show how we can map the external sensors known to Maximo to the Assets and their Meters. Click to enlarge. 

Picture1 - IoT Edge


  • Enables access, capture and management of data from the front end of Maximo
  • Connect directly to sensors, SCADA, PLC, and/or historian/OPC server data
  • Define custom logic for alerts, notifications, and condition based PMs based on real time asset health and performance data
  • Leverage SCADA / Plant System Data to generate PM work orders
  • Install on premise or in the cloud and transmit data securely to Maximo


  • Cost & Time Savings
    • Reduce maintenance costs by shifting from time-based to condition-based maintenance
    • 100% configured using Maximo for rapid and accelerated deployment
    • Avoid software development time and costs. Access and capture data from any legacy equipment, machine, device, pump, or valve without incurring the cost for custom programming or integration.
  • Real Time Response
    • Monitor equipment to initiate alert / alarm actions
  • Long Term Reliability

IoT Edge on Premise or Extended

to Support a Cloud Based Maximo Solution

There are many ways to connect the sensor systems to IBM Maximo whether the entire system is on premise or as a partial on-premise / cloud situation.

Evolve from Reactive to Condition Based Asset Management

IoT Edge provides an “easy” mechanism to connect Maximo to IoT data and enable condition based maintenance that is easily scalable at an enterprise level. It also sets the stage for the next level in asset management maturity which includes anomaly detection, health monitoring, and failure prediction with machine learning and AI. Ask us about IBM’s add-on MAHI and Asset Monitor software.

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