TRM’s PunchOut eCommerce Adaptor for Maximo

Buyers from within Maximo are enabled to access a supplier’s website and perform transactions.

Drive Maximo Supply Chain Efficiencies

With TRM’s PunchOut, significantly enhance your organization’s Maximo supply chain functionality by reducing the time and effort needed to efficiently order the inventory or spare parts necessary for work order completion.

How it Works

When organizations generate periodic Preventative Maintenance work orders, receive new work orders or check inventory levels they often learn additional spare parts or consumables are needed.

From within Maximo:

  1. Access a  supplier’s online punchout catalog (ex. Grainger, Vantage, Fastenal, Motion, Satuaffer, or Thermo-Fisher)
  2. Add items in the catalog to the online shopping cart
  3. When ready to click “Checkout”
  4. All items in the cart will accurately auto-fill Material Requisition or Purchase Request forms with description, quantity, part number, and cost details (aka Return Cart Functionality)

Avoid the possibility of mistakes and delays hindering work completion. Jump start your organization’s purchasing process or workflow for new materials.

TRM’s PunchOut is an e-procurement cXML application, powered by TRM’s RulesManager Maximo configuration engine.

Available as a Maximo add-on solution it is also included with a TRM Maximo Prime Subscription.

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