Maximo AAM

Advanced Asset Management

Preconfigured and Accelerated Maximo EAM Solution

TRM’s Maximo Advanced Asset Management (AAM) is a turnkey management solution that lives, breathes and grows with your business, putting you on an accelerated path to operational excellence.

Ensure the success of your implementation and the performance of your assets

At the core of our Maximo AAM solution runs IBM Maximo, the leading Enterprise Asset Management software in the industry. Enhanced by our industry expertise, Maximo AAM comes pre-configured with everything you need to realize a return on investment, starting day one. Our clients use Maximo AAM to extend the life of assets, reduce downtime and lower costs. It is affordable and scalable, for both small businesses & large enterprises.

Our Approach to EAM

Maximo AAM removes barriers to adoption and employs a rapid, low-cost implementation approach which utilizes industry tested methods designed to accelerate the deployment process.

What makes us different

  • Pre-configured, user friendly templates and interfaces based on industry best practices, client feedback, and years of performance analysis
  • Customizations that tailor Maximo to your specific business needs
  • Automated data migration to seamlessly move information from your legacy system into Maximo
  • Service management and monitoring
  • AWS and Azure integration
  • Attractive pricing with monthly subscriptions starting at $20 per month per user
  • Cloud or on-premise deployment options
  • Flexible options and terms

Reduce asset management cost and improve asset performance with

  • Asset Performance Insights – KPIs, Dashboards and Custom Reporting
  • Assistance From Your Industry’s Experts in Monthly Workshops & User Tutorials
  • Pre-Configured Financial & Purchasing Integration Adapters
  • Automation & Administrative Tools to Improve User Experience & Management
  • The Power of Predictive Analytics to Optimize PM Frequency
  • Maintenance AI, Powered by Watson, to Help Your Workforce Troubleshoot Unplanned Maintenance Events
  • Offline mobile workcenters

New to Maximo?

Depending on a company’s business needs and the level of customization required, EAM implementation timelines can span 12 – 18 months. And if done improperly, can lead to a re-implementation and lost revenue.

Our Maximo AAM solution alleviates these risks through our industry tested implementation process.

Our solution also delivers superior ROI, with seamless end-to-end functionality, to optimize your business and resources. The system is designed to help you achieve industry leading business outcomes by adopting advanced processes that track the right information and monitor key performance metrics.

Maximo applications enable:

  • Work Management
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Reliability Management
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Condition Based Maintenance
  • Inventory & Purchasing
  • Cost Management
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Cognitive Solutions

Starting with a strong foundation accelerates your ability to adopt advanced EAM capabilities, avoid rework down the road, and position for advanced solutions like predictive, cognitive, and IOT technologies.

Existing Maximo Customer?

There are many Maximo users who are not experiencing the full value of the EAM solution. Difficult implementations and lengthy deployments have left them fatigued, dissatisfied, and lacking additional time and resources to get their baseline solution back on track.

With a move to Maximo AAM, reinvigorate your program and start experiencing value immediately.

  • Avoid a costly reimplementation
  • Take advantage of configurations that implement best practices to improve your existing solution
  • Optimize your EAM practices and position your system for future adoption of predictive and cognitive solutions
  • Seamlessly upgrade to Maximo 7.6
  • Move your on-premise configuration to the Cloud with our incentive program
  • Subscribe to monthly workshops and health checks that highlight ongoing improvements

Details on the AAM Advantage

Reduce asset management cost and improve asset performance with:

Advanced Solutions

Maximo AAM provides a roadmap for your organization to adopt advanced processes and leverage innovative solutions. Rapidly advance your maintenance program from:

  • Reactive to Proactive
  • Proactive to Predictive
  • Predictive to Cognitive

Maximo AAM is compatible with all IBM Maximo industry solutions and add-ons as well as third-party solutions. The integration possibilities are limitless – and examples include advanced planning and scheduling, safety tagging, integration to vendor catalogs, and Watson/IOT and IBM’s continuous engineering suite of products.

Configuration Best Practices

Maximo AAM configurations are based on TRM’s 20+ years of implementation experience. Foundation data, screens and business process automation are configured using the best methods to align with best practices and minimize complexity.

Insightful Dashboards

Maximo AAM provides advanced analytics that help our clients drive better investment decisions, improve asset performance, reduce costs, and provide a safe operating environment for employees and stakeholders. The solution includes preconfigured KPIs, dashboards, custom reports, stored queries, and result sets to reveal business insight that was never before possible.

Process Alignment

Maximo AAM includes prescriptive business process logic for the entire work management life cycle. Changes to suit your unique business process flows can also be easily configured.

Integration Adapters

Maximo AAM easily interfaces with your enterprise resource planning software. Multiple pre-configured ERP integration packages provide options for you to interface with Financial, HR, Purchasing, and Inventory Management systems with ease.

Enhanced Usability

Usability enhancement improves the user experience while also enforcing business processes and data standards. IBM Maximo is a powerful platform, but can be overwhelming for end users. TRM Maximo AAM includes clean, intuitive screens out of the box, and tools to give your users the ability to simplify the interface even more.

Embedded Training

Maximo AAM includes detailed, interactive, on-screen step-by-step instructions for end users. With Maximo AAM, users are never unsure which fields to how to enter data into Maximo which improves data quality and reduces your initial and ongoing training needs. Maximo AAM includes step-by-step guidance for many Maximo functions, and they can be easily modified to align with your processes.


TRM Maximo AAM is compatible with IBM’s Mobility solutions for Maximo – Maximo Anywhere and Everyplace. For customers that use IBM Maximo Anywhere, Maximo AAM also provides a configuration platform for developing custom mobile functionality. Maximo AAM is also compatible with 3rd party mobile solutions.


Maximo AAM includes full documentation of all configurations, process flows, and data definitions. Training manuals for all IBM Maximo functionality and TRM Maximo AAM enhancements are also provided for initial training during implementation and ongoing internal end-user training.

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