Why TRM?

End-to-End Maintenance & Reliability Solutions

• EAM Digital Transformations
• Reliability and Maintenance Consulting
• Maximo Deployments

Eliminating Gaps Between Your People, Processes & Systems

It’s difficult to find a single company to help you improve your industrial maintenance performance and your CMMS technology.

At Total Resource Management, Inc. (TRM) we do both.

As an IBM Gold Business Partner, we’ve been using our Maximo expertise to innovate in the asset management space since 1993. With our acquisition of IDCON reliability and maintenance consulting in 2021, TRM has become an end-to-end solution for all your reliability needs.

Comprehensive maintenance problems require comprehensive experts. Our team has 50 years of deep industry-specific knowledge. That’s 50 years of hands-on experience with the real-world work that your IT and Maintenance teams do every single day.

We’ve done the work your teams do. We’ve used the systems that your teams use. And we can guide your organization in applying best practices in industrial maintenance so you can develop a world-class maintenance org.

We’d love to help.

Industries Served

Energy & Utilities


Water & Wastewater

Federal Government

Oil & Gas

Federal Contractors



Trusted By...

Over 50 Years Of Reliability And Maintenance Expertise

Reliability & Maintenance Assessments Conducted

Millions in Cumulative Savings from Improved Reliability

Maximo Implementation & Integration Projects

What We Do

As the leading IBM Maximo provider, we improve our clients’ asset and operational performance by delivering cloud-based solutions embedded with industry best practices and advanced asset management capabilities.

TRM’S Maximo AAM
  • A Pre-Configured Maximo Solution & Rapid Implementation Approach Providing Advanced Asset Management
EAM Technology
  • Asset Care Essentials (ACE)
    • AI-Powered Maximo Assistant, Training, and Content Integration Platform
  • Omni Maximo Assistant
    • Manage Inspections and Monitor the Condition of Plant Assets
  • RulesManager Studio™
    • Develop, Deploy, Configure Test & Monitor Maximo
  • Lockout Tagout Manager & Safety Tagging System
    • OSHA Compliant Safety Tagging Solutions
  • MaxAssist
    • Pre-loaded, Custom Training Tutorials To Get Users Up & Running Faster
  • MaxPerform
    • Test, Monitor, Visualize, Understand & Improve Maximo’s Performance
  • Punchout
    • E-Commerce Adaptor for Maximo
Hosted, SaaS & Managed Services
  • TRM is IBM’s Go-To Business Partner for Maximo SaaS.
  • IBM Cloud Hosted, Hybrid Cloud (On Premise with TRM Managed Services) and Public Cloud
  • FedRAMP Cloud Services Option For Federal Organization or Contractors with Low & Moderate Impact Levels
Reliability & EAM Professional Services
  • Reliability & Maintenance Consulting
    • Assessments & Benchmarking
  • EAM Services
    • Maximo EAM Deployment & Management
    • Advanced Technology Services for Maximo Industry Services
      • Including Mobile, GIS, Cloud & Integrations
    • Advanced System Engineering Services To Optimize Organizations’ IT Systems and Infrastructure

Why We Do It

We pride ourselves on our visionary mindset, state-of-the-art products, and forward-thinking, expert team.

Integrity, honesty, and strong ethics — both personal and professional — provide the foundation upon which all TRM employees serve our colleagues, partners, and clients.

TRM’s Team Members Hold:

Technology & Industry Certificates

Years of Innovation & Experience

Implementation & Integration Projects

The TRM Team is Not Only Dedicated to Our Services – We’re Excited by What We Do!

 We hire people who reinforce the standards by which we operate and place as much emphasis on the character and quality of the individual as we do on his/her professional and technical acumen.

If you choose to work with TRM, we guarantee you’ll always be put first and will have a trusted, expert partner with you through every step of the process.

Ready to Get Started?

Comprehensive maintenance problems require comprehensive experts. It’s time to make serious progress on your long-term performance goals.