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MRO Data Services

​Improve the Quality of Your Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) Data

World Class data cleansing service for your CMMS.


Stop suffering from poor quality maintenance data

For many organizations, poor quality maintenance data is often the root cause of under-performing equipment reliability and high maintenance costs.

Solve this problem once and for all with the maintenance and engineering professionals at TRM.


Accurate data leads to better maintenance & reliability

TRM equipment experts and engineers will walk your plants to efficiently identify your assets, specifications, and maintenance data. And get it right the first time.

Once your data is fixed, it stays fixed

We implement long term data management processes and tools to permanently instill data quality improvements.

Make sure the right parts are in stock when you need them

TRM inventory experts will research and classify maintenance spares for your assets, eliminating duplicates and identifying alternate parts.

Rapidly update your CMMS data

Our technical staff can rapidly update your asset, inventory, and maintenance data.

Our approach is hands on:

  • Augment Staff – Maintenance professionals familiar with your equipment and process
  • Walk Your Plants – Capture asset data including images, tagging and name plate data
  • Catalog MRO Spares – Research assets and align Bills of Materials
  • Improve Asset Hierarchies – Research and refine assets and locations
  • Reload CMMS – Get assistance to reload the improved information
  • Data Governance – Build a program to help enforce long term standards and accuracy

Ready to Get Started?

Comprehensive maintenance problems require comprehensive experts. It’s time to make serious progress on your long-term performance goals.