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MAS 8 Trial Upgrade

Experience the Power of Maximo Application Suite.

With the help of the industry’s most experienced Maximo team.

Why are you Hesitating
on your Maximo Upgrade Journey?

Discover the incredible advancements and features of Maximo Application Suite 8 through our exclusive Trial Upgrade offering.

Seize this opportunity to evaluate new features, analyze the user experience, and make informed decisions about upgrading to the latest version of Maximo….all without needing to learn the new Red Hat Open Shift technology.

a Trial Upgrade

See Your Data in MAS

In as little as a week you’ll have unlimited access to a MAS environment, hosted in the TRM cloud, with your real data. No need to wait months for a full upgrade to be complete before you can test the full functionality of MAS with your data. 

Evaluate New Features

Explore and assess the new features and enhancements introduced in Maximo Application Suite. Determine how these new functionalities can improve your business processes and operations.

Familiarize Your Team with the Upgrade Process

During this trial, we will guide you through the upgrade process and help you understand what the difficulties (if any) may arise during the full upgrade. Use this opportunity to mitigate risk and plan for any necessary user training.

Assess the Return on Investment (ROI)

Experience the impact of Maximo Application Suite 8 on your organization’s efficiency, cost savings, and productivity. Gain valuable insights that will help you make a confident decision about the full upgrade.

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