Maximo AAM

Maximo Enhancements

Maximo AAM includes the following set of enhancements developed by TRM to drive improvement and accelerate your path to success.

TRM has honed over twenty years of Maximo implementation expertise to develop this best in class, pre-configured solution.   The solution includes the all the core features of Maximo and the following enhancements developed by TRM to make Maximo AAM the best value Maintenance and EAM solution available.

Asset Maintenance Best Practices Right out of the Box

Maximo AAM includes preconfigured screens, work processes, and foundation data to reduce implementation costs by 80% and align with EAM best practices.

Insights to Improve your Business

Maximo AAM includes key metrics, KPIs and Reports to monitor, control and improve key EAM and CMMS processes and outcomes.

Tools to Improve Usability

Maximo AAM includes TRM’s MaxAssist Software to embed training content directly into Maximo Apps and provides step by step guidance to end users.

Self Service tools for advanced users

Maximo AAM includes utilities to export data, monitor the system, and configure screens


Maximo AAM offers full-feature mobile functionality using tablets and smart phones with offline capabilities included with the AAM subscription.

Custom Functionality

Maximo AAM includes TRM’s award winning RulesManager Studio and Anywhere Builder to allow you to develop functionalty to align with unique business requirements – for both desktop and mobile applications.

IOT Integration

Maximo AAM includes TRM’s IOT Edge solution to easily implement condition based maintenance by connecting to sensors, SCADA, PLC, OPC data sources.

ERP Integration

Maximo AAM includes Integration with your ERP solution to easily push data from Maximo into your Finance, Purchasing, Inventory or HR system.

Vendor Punchout

Maximo AAM offers the ability to connect to your suppliers’ online catalogs with seamless Integration between purchasing modules and e-commerce websites to eliminate manual entry of purchase transactions.


Maximo AAM includes the full suite of design documentation and training content so you can support the system and your users.

Maximo AAM includes the full features of IBM Maximo and provide comprehensive EAM/CMMS fuctionality

Improve productivity, increase asset uptime, save money!

TRM’s Maximo AAM solution delivers industry leading capability for Asset, Maintenance, Inventory, Purchasing, and Reliability Management.

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