Test Automation Designed Specifically for Maximo.

Test, monitor visualize, understand and improve Maximo performance, end-user experience, and your business.

MaxPerform: The Ideal TRM RulesManager Studio Application

If your business is in need of a TRM RulesManager Studio application that gives you control, visibility, automation, lifecycle configuration, monitoring and testing features when the performance of your Maximo system matters the most.

Key features Include:


Checkpoint Manager

Create and compare system checkpoints to identify changes between environments, or what changes have been made to a system over a period of time — especially helpful when upgrading, documenting configurations changes and trouble-shooting.

Operations Console

Gain visibility to application and system level performance, such as MBOs, Automation Scripts, Rules, Clusters and JVMs. Create alerts and notify your Admins about performance problems before they impact your users.

Load Testing

Simulate loads on the system to ensure smooth system performance for your users, specifically designed for Maximo, this tool is the fastest and easiest way to performance test your system.

Regression Testing

A simple point and click interface for creating automated test scripts for regression test. Run your entire set of regression tests with a single click of a button.

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