Lockout Tagout Manager

Support OSHA Compliance within Maximo

Prepare approve, track and audit lockouts and tagouts while improving worker safety.

TRM Lockout Tagout Manager Software (LOTO) is designed as a vertical application to manage lock-out/tag-out procedures, seamlessly within your IBM Maximo system, through preparing, approving, tracking and auditing lockouts and tagouts.

With our Lockout Tagout Manager, you’ll improve maintenance planning and scheduling through integrating work order management and safety clearance procedures. Your company will benefit from an increasingly efficient work process, more “wrench time,” and a safer work environment.

Configurable, Customizable & Efficient

TRM Lockout Tagout Manager is built using our TRM RulesManager software – a product that provides the development environment to build applications that extend Maximo, without writing a single line of Java code – making it enormously configurable and customizable.

LOTO can be aligned with a client’s specific needs such as storing and maintaining OSHA 1910.147 – a hazardous energy standard requiring pre-written lockout/tagout procedures for developing lockouts and tagouts.

Other Features That Come Along With TRM Lockout Tagout Manager?

  • Powerful user security features, such as dynamic value lists for consistency when performing recurring procedures.
  • Ability to match your current forms with printed forms and tags.
  • Pre-plan all of the lockout tagouts for upcoming outages or turnaround events using the collections feature.
  • Link any number of lockout tagouts to any number of work orders.
  • Associate a pre-built lockout tagout procedure to a PM (Preventative Maintenance) item, or even a job plan. When the work order for that PM/job plan is generated, a lockout tagout request will be generated and linked to the created work order.
  • Download lockout tagout procedures to a handheld device.
  • Create and track lockout tagout temporary tests and create and track lockout tagout modifications.

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