Maximo Prime

Your Path to Maximo Application Suite 8

Current Maximo users can enhance Maximo and / or upgrade to MAS 8 at their own pace.


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The Path to MAS 8 Has Never Been Easier

Use Maximo Prime to enhance your current implementation by upgrading the capabilities of IBM Maximo with our award-winning value add solutions, best practice software configurations, dedicated software support, and option to lock-in low SaaS pricing.

Considering migrating to the Maximo Application Suite (MAS 8) but not ready for the new AppPoints licensing structure? Maximo Prime also provides a flexible path to implement MAS 8. You can transition IBM Maximo to the full cloud based MAS suite at your own pace by temporarily remaining on Maximo while taking advantage of select MAS applications.

Annual Subscription to Maximo Prime Features:

  • Maximo Software & Support
    • 24 x 7 x 365 support
    • Access to all Patches, Updates, and Upgrades
  • Admin On-Demand
    • System admin support
    • Live online chat
    • Chatbot with Maximo knowledgebase library
  • Best Practice Software Configurations
  • Co-Exist: Maximo + MAS Modules
    • MAS Mobile
    • MAS Monitor
  • The Full Suite of TRM’s Custom Maximo Add-on Software:
    • RulesManager A Powerful Business Automation Engine for Maximo
    • MaxAssist On-screen, Interactive User Tutorials with Step-by-Step Instructions
    • MaxPerform Unit Testing, Regression Testing & Performance Testing Automation
    • Lockout Tagout Manager – Lock-out/tag-out procedure Manager
  • Bridge to Cloud Provision
    • Transition to MAS SaaS at your own pace
    • Flexible licensing with attractive pricing locked in for multiple years
Contact us before your next Maximo S&S renewal and learn more about all the great features and benefits of our Maximo Prime program.

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