Prepare for Maximo 7.6.0 End of Support (EOS)

Apr 22, 2021 | News, TRM Blog | 0 comments

When will IBM Maximo 7.6.0.x no longer be supported?

On September 8, 2020, IBM announced the end of support for Maximo 7.6.0.x, Industry Solutions, and Add-Ons. The official announcement letter was #920-136.

As of September 30, 2021, any fixes, patches, and telephone support will no longer be provided for Maximo 7.6.0.x

This announcement provides current clients 12 months prepare for and conduct an upgrade to at least Maximo


Can I still use Maximo 7.6.0 if it’s no longer supported?

Yes, and we recommend you purchase “extended support,” while you are planning your path to upgrade.

TRM of course can assist you in the planning for the upgrade. TRM has performed 100’s of upgrades over the years for clients in many different situations.


What are the benefits of upgrading to Maximo

Maximo has several enhancements, one of which is the furtherance of Work Centers, an alternative user interface better suited for mobile users. Other features such as Inspections, Budget Monitoring and License Monitoring may be of interest to your business.

The need for an upgrade might also be the impetus for you to move your on-prem Maximo to be hosted by TRM in the cloud. TRM has programs to make this process less disruptive and financially beneficial to you.


Can I upgrade to MAS 8?

Yes. There are several paths you can take to move into Maximo Application Suite (MAS). Note that the licensing approach to MAS is different than that of traditional Maximo. App Points are now used to entitle your users to the various elements of MAS. TRM can assist you in developing a strategy to move from the licensing you have now to App Points.




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