3 Reasons Why You Should Implement a Pre-Configured CMMS/EAM

Jun 25, 2020 | TRM Blog

Scott Stukel, CMRP, Director of Asset Management and Reliability at Total Resource Management

If you’re considering purchasing, implementing, or “re-implementing” a Computerized Maintenance Management System/Enterprise Asset Management (CMMS/EAM) and want to achieve best practice results day-one while saving significant time and money, make sure you read this article.

In my career of over 30 years using and implementing CMMS/EAM systems I have successfully completed countless projects where the “waterfall approach” was used; requirements – design – configuration – testing – training – rollout. I have guided asset management & maintenance teams through the design of best practice asset & work management processes and through which I found that the end desired state processes remarkably ended up being nearly the same. Therefore, in this modern day of refined maintenance best practice processes, I almost never suggest that folks start at square one.

Instead, here are the 3 reasons I recommend they/you find a solution based in best of breed technology and provides pre-configured solutions for work management, role based dashboards, industry standard metrics & KPIs, and business rules to enable users to enter accurate and complete data. The system should also be flexible to permit you to add to the configuration to meet specific intricacies of your organization.

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy and Implement a Pre-Configured CMMS/EAM

1.     Best Practices Day-One Out of the Box – A pre-configured solution offers all of the functionality and configuration you need to start managing assets and work from the start. The traditional approach requires organizations to engage in time consuming and expensive workshops and process design, design reviews, preliminary configuration, unit testing, modifications, acceptance testing, and finally training and rollout. Since nearly all maintenance organizations fundamentally manage work the same way, why not start at the 80-90% solution and only cater it to those 10-20% of your specific needs.

2.     Rapid Time to Deploy – CMMS/EAM Systems can take years to implement taxing your resources and patience, more importantly delaying delivery of the value you invested in the software for. A pre-configured solution allows you to start managing work and getting valuable, accurate, actionable data in days to weeks versus months to years.

3.    Substantial Cost Savings – By eliminating the need for long, drawn out implementations, coupled with flexible licensing so you only pay for the licenses you need, organizations can save as much as 90% of the cost of traditional CMMS/EAM deployments. No longer should you allow a consultant to walk you through development of asset and maintenance processes from ground zero, start at the 80-90% state and only alter where you need to.

So, if you’re in the market for implementing or re-implementing a Computerized Maintenance Management System/Enterprise Asset Management, like IBM Maximo, and would like to leverage decades of experience from asset management and maintenance experts, please look first at a Best Practice Pre-Configured CMMS/EAM Solution, like TRM Maximo AAM.

Please reach out to me at scott.stukel@trmnet.com if you have any comments or would like to discuss this more.

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