Maximo Application Suite

MAS AppPoints

Licensing Model for Maximo Application Suite

Only pay for the applications your team actually uses with IBM’s new AppPoints licensing model.

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Only Pay for What You Use

MAS is licensed using App Points which are allocated to users based on their access to the MAS modules that they use.   With AppPoints you are entitled to access the entire suite of MAS modules, but you only pay for the applications that you actually use.

TRM customers enjoy significant discounts on AppPoints and TRM MAS customers may even pay less with TRM AppPoints than they would with traditional Maximo licenses.


Single License

One entitlement to entire suite


Flexible Consumption

Sharing of license through concurrent users

Simplified Usage

Access applications without additional provisioning

Value Based Licensing

User consumes more AppPoints based on increased solution access

  • Premium User
    • 15 AppPoints (Manage individual solutions, Predict)
  • Base User
    • 10 AppPoints (Manage full access, Health)
  • Limited User
    • 5 AppPoints (Manage 3 modules, Monitor, Mobile, Assist)
  • Install
    • 1 AppPoint x multiplier (Manage ERP Adapter, Manage Spatial)

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