IBM Maximo 7.6

Comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management

The core of our enhanced solutions and services is the industry-leading EAM software.

IBM Maximo v7 is the leading Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) in the world.

With IBM Maximo Asset Management, you have control with a single point of access over all types of physical assets on a common platform, allowing your personnel to easily share inventory and resources, as well as enforce best practices across the board.

TRM’s Maximo AAM solution can bring the power of Maximo to your organization in a rapid, low cost implementation program. Be assured you harness the power of Maximo using configuration best practices and achieve your target ROI.

The Ideal EAM System For Asset Lifecycle & Maintenance Management

Use Maximo solutions to optimize your business’ operations. Keep assets running at peak performance and maximize your return on investment with Maximo Asset Management, including 6 management models in an enhanced service-oriented architecture.

Asset Management:

Achieve control through efficiently tracking & managing asset and location data throughout the asset lifecycle.

Contract Management:

Gain complete support for purchase, lease, rental, warranty, labor rate, software, master and more.

Work Management:

Manage both planned and unplanned work activities – from initial request through completion and recording of actuals.

Inventory Management:

Know the details of asset-related inventory and its usage including what, when, where, how many and how valuable.

Service Management:

Define service offerings, establish SLAs, more proactively monitor service level delivery and implement escalation procedures.

Procurement Management:

Support all the phases of enterprise-wide procurement such as direct purchasing and inventory replenishment.

Customized Management System Modules

IBM has developed a variety of add-ons to complement the full Maximo suite. As a Maximo Gold and Premier IBM Business Partner, TRM is pleased to offer any of these additional modules to our clients on a try-and-buy basis:

Maximo Scheduler

Enables users to optimally plan, schedule, assign and track work using an intuitive graphical user interface with simple drag and drop functionality. Users can also track how the schedules have been performing against the plans by leveraging the compliance dashboards.

Maximo Calibration

Helps you manage your calibration assets and the standards that are used to calibrate them. Use Maximo Calibration to enter and track the calibration of instruments that measure process variables such as temperature, pressure, and flow.

Maximo Health Safety & Environment Manager

Improve the visibility of your business’ asset and location health and minimize downtime by preventing asset failures by monitoring factors, such as conditions, costs, performance, and remaining useful life.

Maximo Linear Asset Manager

Use linear referencing when designing and maintaining assets such as roads, railways and pipelines and define linear assets by using dynamic segmentation. Asset characteristics (for example, speed limit) can now change over the span of the asset, and the changes can be located using absolute measure or user-defined reference points.

Maximo Spatial Asset Management

Visualize the spatial relationships among managed assets and other mapped features. Also extend the capabilities of your applications by adding maps.

Maximo Asset Configuration Manager

Manage the configuration of high-value, complex, and regulated assets such as aircraft, rail vehicles, engines, weapon systems, and so on.

Looking for a more mobile-friendly Maximo option? Consider Maximo Anywhere!

Mobile Access to Asset Data Anywhere

With 10 billion mobile devices forecasted to be in use by 2020, the proliferation of mobile technology is fundamentally changing the way people think, work, act and interact.

IBM Maximo Anywhere gives you remote access from most mobile devices to Maximo Asset Management processes, work and asset management, built on the IBM Worklight platform with a customizable interface primed to create your own assets.

For reduced travel & administrative time, increased resource availability, improved customer service – and so much more – Maximo Anywhere enables your mobile workforce to:

  • Get instant access to critical data, even while disconnected.
  • Work with a broad range of instrumented machines and smart devices.
  • Complete tasks virtually anywhere with secure, trusted transactions.
  • Takes advantage of device functions such as maps, voice to text and scanning, and much more.

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