TRM’s OMNI Maximo Assistant

Your AI Powered Maximo Assistant, Training and Content Integration Platform.


Help. Training. Content Integration.

Maximo is complex and users often struggle remembering how to use the system properly.

You and your support teams shouldn’t have to spend so much time assisting end users with basic functionality. And users shouldn’t need routine refresher training to understand how to perform basic tasks either.

TRM’s OMNI reduces both your support team’s workload and provides the guidance your users need to get their work done.   

And OMNI incorporates your own custom training documents, videos and user manuals.


  • Conversational UI allows users to ask questions as if they were speaking directly to a Maximo expert.
  • Watson Natural Language processing helps determine user intent so that OMNI can deliver the best results possible even when the query isn’t clear.
  • Content Integration with your specific training documentation, videos, and processes. Responses are tailored to your unique business by pulling from your existing support resources.
  • Context Awareness that can provide tailored guidance and insights based on your patterns of activity in Maximo. 
  • Step-by-Step Guidance embedded directly into your Maximo screens with TRM MaxAssist which helps new users learn Maximo faster


Note: OMNI can be purchased separately or as an optional add-on.

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