​2-Day Planning Workshop

Get Started with Maximo Upgrade

Engage with our experienced TRM staff to learn the details and plan out your move to Maximo Application Suite (MAS).

What to expect

We are hosting a series of Planning Workshops (each spanning 2 half-days) to assist existing IBM Maximo clients in seamlessly transitioning from legacy enterprise asset management software installations to the new IBM Maximo Application Suite V8 (IBM MAS 8) — the latest iteration of IBM Maximo EAM.

  • Gain the ability to understand your migration path
  • Learn what your future infrastructure requirements are
  • Understand the high level requirements of the migration project
  • Receive a tailored, high-level project plan with major steps, milestones, system capacity estimate, and estimated budget


Day 1 Sessions:

  • Overview of the Maximo Application Suite’s elements and value beyond Maximo 7.6.x
  • What’s the big deal about OpenShift?
    • A review of the technical benefits of OpenShift and how it differs from current hosting methods. This session is particularly relevant for on-premise users.
  • The new AppPoints licensing model explained … and applied
    • Includes an analysis of your current licenses and how they translate to the new points model.
  • Live demonstrations of the OpenShift (ex. tools, views, logs, data) environment and administration of MAS 8 (ex. app deployment, API keys, managing users)
  • Open discussion: Near and long term goals for your Maximo environment

Day 2 Sessions:

  • Receive and review an upgrade / migration project plan (.mpp) template with scope, order and timeframe to consider
  • Calculate and review the results of your needed OpenShift environment size which is based upon expected Users and computing needs
  • Utilize TRM tools to calculate the hosting costs based upon environment/computing needs
  • Work through scenarios, using your approximate information, to tailor your high-level project plan and budget

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