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EAM Digital Transformations

An enterprise transformation is an immense task. To succeed, you need leadership and guidance from experts who have done this successfully time and time again.

Unfortunately most EAM digital transformations fail.

That’s because the team that creates the strategy doesn’t help deliver it. Which creates major gaps between your people, processes, and systems.

That’s why we don’t develop a maintenance strategy and hand it over.  We see it through to the end by implementing, training, and aligning your strategy, people, process, and technology across your entire organization.

There’s A Better Way To Transform Your EAM

The traditional way:

  • Hire separate companies to create and deliver an EAM strategy
  • Listen to finger pointing of why the other company got it wrong
  • Your team doesn’t buy in to the process and technology
  • Waste time and money implementing an EAM system that fails

The TRM way:

  • Hire one team to develop your strategy, improve processes, and implement your EAM system
  • Adopt the leading maintenance and reliability best practices
  • Train and establish a culture of continuous improvement
  • Develop a maintenance organization committed to EAM operational excellence

Over 100 Years Of Experience with

Enterprise Asset Management Transformation

Maintenance & Reliability Assessments Conducted

Dollars in Cumulative Savings from Improved Reliability

Maximo Implementations and Integration Projects

If your organization has multiple sites with heavy equipment or machinery that are critical to the success of your operations…


TRM can help them get aligned and stay on line so you can drive your business forward.



Who We Help

  • Oil and Gas
  • Public Sector Organizations
  • Federal Agencies
  • Electric Utilities
  • Water Utilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Aerospace & Defense

Stop Dumping Money into Disconnected Partnerships


TRM offers end-to-end industry expertise, giving you a comprehensive solution to your enterprise operational problems.

Your Strategy

Insights and wisdom gained through decades of experience and successful transformations.  Review the bios of TRM expert consultants.

Your Process and Data

We provide process libraries for all maintenance and reliability best practices, PM libraries and condition monitoring standards for common asset components.  And MRO data services to close any data gaps.  

Your People

It doesn’t matter how good your plan is if it isn’t adopted. We’ll coach and train your team to get maximum buy-in in all aspects of your EAM transformation.

Your Technology

We’ll help you implement and deploy Maximo to reduce downtime and costs.  TRM’s Maximo AAM solution is preconfigured to align with all the standards and best practices we recommend.

The TRM Digital Transformation Process

1. We Assess what’s working and not working by examining 10 key areas.

2. Develop a unifying strategy & implementation approach

3. Execute processes and technology improvements leveraging the power of Maximo.

4. See the Results of Operational Excellence

Are you ready?

  • Improve and standardize processes.
  • Extend life of capital assets.
  • Reduce Operating costs.

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