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Building the future of EAM together.

TRM Solution Partner Program

Become a Total Resource Management partner and grow your business with our asset management solutions. Through our partnerships we foster innovation, deliver critical solutions, and accelerate asset maintenance and reliability.

TRM Solution Partner Program

Explore our flexible programs to connect with new opportunities and leverage resources for accelerated business growth.

Value to Partnering

Leverage the TRM Reach…..

TRM strives to have strategic industry consulting expertise “on hand”. We will:

Include YOU...

Include YOU in our RFP response to expand our expertise


Suggest YOUR...

Suggest YOUR skills to our other partners for their use

Recommend YOU...

Recommend YOU to our customer base when asked for recommendations

Leverage TRM technology and EAM/CMMS Services……

Add a World Class EAM solution to your portfolio with our turnkey, pre-configured Advanced Asset Management software – Maximo AAM……

Referral Partner

Entice your customers and prospects with our complementary solutions.

If they need a CMMS/EAM solution or Maximo services – just qualify the account and introduce us.

Earn – Software Commission

Resell Partner

Expand your portfolio. Leverage your technical and sales capabilities to consult and sell TRM’s EAM based solutions and services such as PM Programs, Reliability Data Capture, Inventory Control, Health and Safety, Maintenance and Operations, etc –

Earn – Multi-Year Software Commission

Technology Partner

Integrate your software, technical skills and industry expertise with TRM’s core EAM / CMMS solution to create combined offerings.

Earn – Multi-Year OEM SW Commission

Program Benefits

Join the TRM Partner program as a Registered Partner to enjoy the following benefits….

Sales Opportunities and CoSelling services:

We will provide a Partner lead to work with on opportunities

Services Revenue:

The opportunity to directly use staff, subcontract or when needed use TRM resources for deployment assistance


Partner Enablement:

You can expect base – sales and technical training depending on needs

Co-Marketing materials:

 Co-branded or white labeled sales and marketing assets

Software Commission:

Commissions paid on all software sold in the deals

24/7 Priority Support:

TRM’s support will be available to you and/or end customer as needed

Build your network:

TRM will look to leverage your solutions with our network
Our program offers various opportunities and incentives depending on your partnership type

Become a Partner

We welcome you to Join our Partner Program and together build out a CMMS/EAM value add offering that is right for your organization.


Tom Coraggio
Director of Partner Engagement
(831) 359-0002

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