Total Resource Management Introduces OMNI – Maximo Assistant

Jun 11, 2023 | News, Press | 0 comments

TRM Launches OMNI, its A.I. Powered Assistant, Training and Content Integration Platform for Asset Management and Maintenance

Total Resource Management (TRM), a leading provider of reliability and maintenance solutions, announced the launch of OMNI – Maximo Assistant, an innovative artificial intelligence (A.I.) based platform for asset management and maintenance.

OMNI utilizes IBM Watson Assistant to provide real-time support, on-demand training, and access to an organization’s knowledge library of maintenance-based content. The result is the delivery of critical content that maintenance teams need to get their work done.

IBM Maximo users can access OMNI through its seamless integrations with desktop and mobile applications, as if their Maximo and maintenance experts were sitting right by their side 24x7x365 to answer questions and troubleshoot problems.

“We are excited to introduce TRM’s OMNI – Maximo Assistant to the market,” said Don Omura, CEO of Total Resource Management. “So many organizations have maintenance and asset intelligence that is underutilized because it is simply too hard and inconvenient to access. This powerful platform enables easy and quick access to this information, and the reduction on the workload of help desk staff is tremendous.”

TRM’s OMNI – Maximo Assistant provides a wide range of capabilities, including:

  • Content integration with a clients’ specific process documentation, training content, OEM Manuals, videos and knowledge library
  • Context awareness which enables tailored guidance based on a user’s inquiry and current screen
  • Conversational UI capabilities that simulate interaction with help desk staff
  • Supportive step-by-step guidance embedded directly inside Maximo screens
  • Ability to record and access pre-recorded video which also assist live help desk staff with troubleshooting user problems
  • Integration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT

TRM will be offering demos of the OMNI – Maximo Assistant to interested customers. For more information on the product, please visit the TRM website or contact the company at

About Total Resource Management, Inc.
It’s difficult to find a single company to help you improve your industrial maintenance performance and your EAM technology. At Total Resource Management, Inc. (TRM) we do both. Using best practices, coaching, and technology – based on IBM Maximo – we help you execute a comprehensive maintenance strategy so that the gaps between your people, processes, and technology are eliminated. Giving you better reliability and millions in savings.



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