Latest News: Total Resource Management Wins Multi-Million Dollar Project to Deploy MAS on AWS

MaximoWorld is just that… the world of all things Maximo and the crowd to go with them. This year they are saying there was over 1300 people in attendance. Looks like the convention circuit is coming back to life!

IBM of course has a big presence at MaximoWorld, so it is a good opportunity to stomp into their booth and ask your difficult questions. They surround themselves with all the new technologies that can have a connection to Maximo, so you can easily see what they are thinking currently and into the future. The conference also includes TRIRIGA, so that is of benefit to that industry.

Learning sessions… MaximoWorld does a good job vetting presentations, so they are more than just a sales pitch. Of course, there are always a few that sneak through the filters, but for the most part they are honest and practical sessions that people at all levels of Maximo knowledge can benefit.

I was involved as a co-presenter for two sessions as well as a single by myself. My session was about how to plan for spare parts well prior to them being needed, a few tips on how to analyze the need, and of course how Maximo can help you. As a co-presenter I was part of Christer Idhammar’s presentations on Operator Essential Care, and the intersection of People, Process, and Programs to further maintenance and reliability goals. TRM/IDCON have developed solutions in these areas that I shared with the attendees.

As I talked to people during the conference, I was surprised at how many said this was their first time attending. This is always a good thing when new folks enter the mix. MaximoWorld (in addition to your local/regional Maximo User Groups) are one-stop-shopping for your Maximo learning curve. Whether functional or technical there is much to learn here.

Esri presented a new technology enabling indoor mapping of facilities. Given that we are very familiar with Esri from a geographical mapping and spatial standpoint, having the ability to map the inside of a facility is intriguing. Of course, SPOT (the Maximo connected robot “dog” from Boston Dynamics) is making its way into more and more use cases and vendor booths.

Fun? Who goes to a convention to have fun? The ReliabilityWeb team goes out of their way to keep the energy level up. They spend the months prior meeting with speakers like me, giving us tips on how to make our presentations engaging, as well as support for social media posts on the subject. This focus on fun goes a long way to helping attendees move from one session to another. These can be some long days of learning!

TRM message… Our focus for this series of conventions is on the OMNI Maximo Assistant, The IDCON Essential Care and Condition Monitoring library, and the IDCON Site Assessment service. Discussions with clients are around the problems/issues they face and how that TRM/IDCON are in a unique position to help them address their issues. Whether it be People, Processes, or Programs, our teams are available to help clients work on any or all.

The Maximo market is still absorbing the implications of the release of Maximo Application Suite (MAS). Lots of questions about the change in architecture and licensing, especially for the larger organizations. Events like MaximoWorld where IBM has such a big presence certainly help the user base to gain better understanding and look to the future.

If there was one conference you went to each year, beyond your local MUG, it would be MaximoWorld.


John Q. Todd, Sr. Business Consultant / Product Researcher at TRM. Reach out to us at if you have any questions or would like to discuss deploying MAS 8 or Maximo AAM for condition-based maintenance/monitoring.