Much continues to be written about the new licensing approach IBM is taking for Maximo Application Suite (MAS). Given its departure from the traditional method that has been around for quite some time, people are having to learn the nuances.

Add to this the ability for a client to adopt AppPoints while remaining (for the near-term) on the current version of Maximo, Yes, it is true that you can make the move to AppPoints to cover your licensing needs while still on


But, what about the LUM?

As you know, the License Usage Monitor (LUM) is baked into Maximo 7.6.x. Once configured by you with the various types and quantities of licenses you are entitled to, it tracks your Users and gives you indications if you are in compliance or not. The LUM uses the Security Profile of the User to determine what kind of licenses they are using. Using AppPoints instead of the traditional licenses for precludes the use of the LUM.


How do I manage AppPoints in now?

If you have the LUM configured in your instance then goody for you. That effort served your needs and helped your organization stay in compliance. Given that you have moved to AppPoints, you can leave the LUM behind and begin to use the AppPoint Calculator application which IBM has provided.

You don’t see that app you say? Correct… you will need to install it.


Prerequisites and

A few things to have in order before you start:

  • You must be at
  • The new application is English only at this point
  • Login Tracking must be on. (If you have been using the LUM, it is)
  • MAXLICMONITOR database Service must also be on (Active)

You will then need to download this package from IBM and follow the instructions to deploy it within your Maximo instance. Yes, it requires your instance be at It also will require a rebuild and redeploy of the EAR file.

The AppPoint Calculator is intended to provide periodic reporting of Concurrent use from an AppPoint perspective. It is an alternative to the use of an external license server. (By the way, Maximo Application Suite (MAS) has an embedded license server.) The AppPoint Calculator is a very simple application, not even worthy of a screenshot!

Like the LUM, it uses the security profiles of the Users to calculate the User entitlements. However, these entitlements are those established by MAS. The results of the Calculator are mimicking AppPoint consumption as if your Maximo was MAS Manage.


What is being added to my system?

Just a few new things:

  • A few new database tables to track lists of products, AppPoints, daily peaks, lists of Users, etc.
  • A new application: AppPoint Licensing Setup (Under Administration module)
  • A new Cron task: CalculateAppPoints


Now what?

As with any new Application you will need to grant access to the Security Groups you wish to make use of the app. The recommendation is that only Administrative Users would have access to this application.

Confirm that Login Tracking and the database service are running. Then activate the new Cron task to run daily (An IBM recommendation).

Once it has run for a few days, open the application, then run the “Find Usage,” Action. There you will be presented with how the User entitlement usage looks from an AppPoints perspective.


Interpreting the results

Just as with the LUM, the usage results can be difficult to understand. Something that can help sort out what you are seeing is to use the “Application Access,” list that remains in the LUM. This list will show you the “rules,” that are used to determine license usage. Certainly, whomever sold you the AppPoints can assist in interpreting the results as well.


Wrapping it up!

As we make the transition from legacy Maximo (7.6.x) to the new Maximo Application Suite, making the move to AppPoints now makes sense. For example, by adopting AppPoints you are entitled to the use of the new IBM Mobile for Maximo EAM set of Mobile applications on your existing Maximo. These apps running on your instance give Users a taste of things to come in MAS from a Mobile perspective.

There are advantages to the new approach to licensing and now we have a way to manage them. Let us know how TRM can assist you.


Article by John Q. Todd, Sr. Business Consultant / Product Researcher at TRM. Reach out to us at if you have any questions or would like to discuss deploying MAS 8 or Maximo AAM for condition-based maintenance/monitoring.