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John Q. Todd

Sr. Business Consultant/Product Researcher

Total Resource Management (TRM), Inc. 

When we search for, “Asset Management Software,” we could be coming from many different perspectives. Laughingly, we can ignore those folks who are looking for a better way to manage their stock or real estate portfolio. That is an entirely different world!

Asset management solutions for tracking physical assets, look to provide features and functions that help you manage the asset during its lifecycle. From design to commissioning, during operations, and then to disposal, these asset management systems have a wide range of elements that support you and the equipment during what can be many years. These systems are built to handle many thousands of assets, some can be actual equipment, while others can be facilities related. Further, it is assumed that multiple departments across the enterprise will have an interest in the assets, often with very different perspectives. Accounting may be only interested in the costs associated with the asset, while Maintenance will be interested in the spare parts needed to get the work done. The list of interested parties when it comes to asset tracking systems can get quite long!

To add to the confusion is when we look for, “Equipment Tracking Software,” which can also mean several different things. Are we looking for a solution that keeps track of pieces of equipment as they move about the planet, or are we looking for software that helps us capture information about our equipment, perhaps to better manage our preventive maintenance activities?

Tracking equipment data during its full lifecycle has many benefits. Given some industries focus on the sustainability of their equipment from beginning to end, having a solution for your teams to enter and then analyze the data can be critical. Going from raw information to insights of that data to be used for decision-making is invaluable.

To make it even worse, some search for, “Maintenance Management Software.” While it does also infer the tracking of assets or equipment that you are performing maintenance upon, the focus is more on how things like work orders and other vehicles are used to get work done.

It is no secret that we have been moving from paper-based systems to computerized maintenance solutions for many years. Maintenance program software solutions easily replace paper with their Mobile solutions and web-based applications for the teams in the field. Your maintenance system is now available to many different people across the organization, each getting what they need without having to paw through file cabinets looking for last years’ work.

Let’s not forget about, “Inventory Tracking System.” Your maintenance program is not going to be too successful if you are not able to get parts. Whether you perform in-house repair or rebuilds, or are just doing preventive maintenance, you will need to gain access to or maintain good stock levels of the consumable items you need. Knowing what spare parts your equipment needs, whether they are in stock, how long they take to get, and who from, are critical insights you need to continue maintenance success.

Where does all this point us?

Maximo (or MAS Manage) of course!

Given all the elements discussed above we can confidently say that software suites like Maximo provide all of them plus many more! A single application suite such as Maximo provides out of the box accommodation for Asset, Maintenance, Inventory, Purchasing, and Equipment data needs across the enterprise. Don’t be afraid that everyone will be in your data. Maximo provides robust security mechanisms so you can craft the experience (and degree of access) that all Users in the system need.

TRM is a full asset lifecycle management solution firm with many years of experience across many industries. We have successfully implemented solutions such as Maximo hundreds of times. Our staff can help you determine not only what is needed to get started, but also establish roadmaps for future use of features/functions, in some cases several years in advance.

Give us a call!


Article by John Q. Todd, Sr. Business Consultant at TRM. Reach out to us at if you have any questions or would like to discuss deploying MAS 8 or Maximo AAM for condition-based maintenance/monitoring.




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