Role of Reliability Engineer at Your Organization

Jun 7, 2022 | Leadership in Maintenance Articles, TRM Blog | 0 comments

Christer Idhammar

Founder of IDCON, Inc.  Reliability and Maintenance Guru

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Are you a reliability engineer? Or maybe your plant manager or HR manager trying to figure out exactly what a reliability engineer’s job description should be. Christer Idhammar gives you the key responsibilities of this key position in your organization.

The role of a reliability engineer

The role of a reliability engineer includes evaluating equipment failure modes and utilize engineering experience and training to develop solutions for eliminating potential failures. They are directly responsible for

  • Building effective Preventive Maintenance and inspection routes
  • Performing Root Cause Problem Elimination investigations
  • Ensure that people doing preventive maintenance or inspection tasks know what to look for
  • Ensure that the design of equipment follows maintainability principles.

role of reliability engineer

Reliability Engineer primary roles in the organization

But let’s talk about their role during the operating phase or processing side of the organization.

They should be training or showing the operations team how the basic systems they are responsible to operate. They can be instrumental in teaching operators how to read temperature, how to check the breather status, and other prevention or condition monitoring tasks. This should be part of their role and responsibility.

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