What Do I Add to the CMMS? Planner’s Questions Answered

May 19, 2022 | TRM Blog, Work Management / Planning and Scheduling | 0 comments

Michael Lippig

Sr Consultant – IDCON, Inc.

an Independent Subsidiary of TRM, Inc.


Have you found yourself at the beginning of a job wondering what needs to be recorded in the CMMS and what doesn’t? IDCON Senior Consultant Michael Lippig has simple answers to this question that he would like to share with you.

What do I need to include in the CMMS?

This is a question many maintenance planners and supervisors ask us. We think the following information must be added in the CMMS.

Do I need to include the job steps for a planned work request? The answer is “Maybe” the job steps can be entered in the CMMS but can also just be in a Standard Job Plan document or both.

Do I need to include job time estimates? Yes, absolutely add that information to the system.

Do I need to include documents? Maybe…these can be either incorporated into the job plan or added to the CMMS

How about permits? yes, add those to the system. These are critical to safety and should be included in job packages and the system.

Parts must be added but materials don’t necessarily need to be added. The more information the planner includes in the job package or in the CMMS ensures the safe and effective management of maintenance personnel.


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