Artificial Intelligence (A.I.): Is It Time?

May 3, 2021 | TRM Blog | 0 comments

When confronted with this lead in, the first thought in the mind of a forward-thinking person is, “What did I miss?” Oh no! FOMO!

When it is, “time to,” get on board with a technological endeavor, the implication is that the planning, development, and perhaps even implementation phases have already been accomplished to some degree out in the Technosphere. Making course adjustments are based upon prior and current knowledge, as well as a desired future outcome. They also require tools to make and maintain the adjustment. AI technology has arrived and is growing into many different areas of our daily work; yet another tool we can use to support our course into the future.


It is time to… engage with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI grew weary of being at the doorstep, so it now has its foot in the door. Some would say it is already made its way through the door and is seated on the couch, waiting to be entertained.

Kai Fu Lee in his book AI Superpowers; China, Silicon Valley and the New World Order says this: “Major theoretical breakthroughs in AI have finally yielded practical applications that are poised to change our lives. AI already powers many of our favorite apps and websites, and in the coming years AI will be driving our cars, managing our portfolios, manufacturing much of what we buy and potentially putting us out of our jobs. These uses are full of both promise and potential peril, and we must prepare ourselves for both.”


It is time to… introduce AI to Asset Management.

Kai Fu Lee goes on to say that AI algorithms need three things: big data, computing power and the work of strong AI algorithm engineers. This is where solutions such as the IBM Maximo Application Suite (MAS) and business partners like Total Resource Management enter the room.

TRM is prepared, now, to combine your current and future sources of asset data into a solution where it can be analyzed for greater business intelligence resulting in data-driven decision making and strategic ROI. With TRM solutions to manage your data we are also prepared to analyze that data for reliability purposes by looking for meaningful insights and hidden patterns that will make your business not only healthier but more profitable in the end. These solutions also put you in a position to begin to predict asset behavior, using real data and information.


It is time to… begin.

Let TRM help you collect your asset data, manage your data, and then analyze your data like you have never before. Let us talk you though how other clients have benefitted from our solutions across industries. Want to just develop a roadmap to begin your exploration vs. jumping right in? No problem. Let TRM show you the financial benefits of a cloud-solution outweigh those of your current situation, in the cloud or not. Let TRM also show you the vast amount of data your assets are just waiting to send you, and how to interpret this data to the benefit of your maintenance and operations activities.

Isn’t it time to find out more?

Article by John Q. Todd, Sr. Business Consultant at TRM. Reach out to us at if you have any questions or would like to discuss deploying MAS 8 or Maximo AAM for condition based monitoring and predictive asset maintenance.




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