Reliability & Maintenance: What’s the right thing to do in my organization?

Nov 10, 2020 | Leadership in Maintenance Articles, TRM Blog | 0 comments

Christer Idhammar

Founder of IDCON, Inc.  Reliability and Maintenance Guru

an Independent Subsidiary of TRM, Inc.


Have you asked yourself “What’s the right thing to do in my organization?”

In this video, Christer talks about the wrong things that many organizations are doing and how to change them to improve reliability and maintenance performance.

The right people are an organization’s most vital asset.

I see this statement quite often, “People are our most valuable asset”. I do not agree with this statement. It should instead state, “The right people are our most valuable asset”.

That is a statement I would agree with. Many improvement initiatives fail because the right people are not accountable and responsible for the task they are assigned.

It does not mean that these people cannot be right in another position. It is a continuous process to develop the organization so that the right people have the right position.

If you want production reliability leadership must make the investment in people. This includes developing their skills in reliability and maintenance management concepts.

IDCON is a belief driven company, read up on our 15 core reliability and maintenance beliefs. These are common-sense beliefs that you are welcome to adopt.

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