With the release of Maximo there are several interesting enhancements that you may find helpful. Of course, the full list of changes is available via the link at the end of this article.

6. License Monitoring

Becoming a rather popular function, the License Usage Monitor app enables you to track what your Users can do via Security Group settings against the licenses you have purchased.

The list of product licenses now includes additional products such as industry solutions.

5. Work Centers

Another popular function is the growing and evolving set of Work Centers. In this release the Manage Inventory, Work Supervision, Work Execution, and Service Request Tool have been enhanced.

For the Manage Inventory work center, you can pick and stage items, reconcile inventory balances, work with item condition codes, and of course scan bar codes to search for items, bins, and lots.

Within the Work Execution and Supervision work centers, several actions have been added, making the work centers more capable. An example is the ability for Supervisors to perform Assignments via the work center.

Work Centers provide a far simpler and focused view into Maximo for the User. This makes them well suited for busy field staff and supervisors who need to quickly access and then capture their work.

4. Storeroom Management

To further support centralized inventory management, this release enables the construction of a Storeroom hierarchy… parents and children for Storerooms.

It is now also possible to add multiple items to Storerooms, or to the hierarchy in one transaction

3. Regulatory Compliance

IBM has added a native verification option that supports the eSignature functionality. SAML and OIDC authentication support is now inherent to the product.

2. Attachments – Multiple at a Time

Quite simply, now you can add more than one Attachment to a record at a time.

1. Location/Asset Navigation – Extended Drilldown

The big thing is when you activate the extended Drilldown, now you can drag/drop, cut/paste Assets and Locations, making moves far easier. The Drilldown will show errors if a move is not valid.

Locations, Assets, Spare parts, and preventive Maintenance definitions are shown for all.

To activate the extended Drilldown, make the mxe.webclient.extendedDrilldown property to true.


As the foundation of our enhanced, turnkey solution – Maximo AAM – all these upgrades to the core software are readily available to our clients. Let us assist you with your next Maximo upgrade or new EAM deployment.

To view the full list of IBM Maximo upgrades visit IBM.com!