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Know Why to Inspect – Evaluating Your Preventive Maintenance Inspections

Aug 14, 2020 | Preventive Maintenance, TRM Blog | 0 comments

Christer Idhammar

Founder of IDCON, Inc.  Reliability and Maintenance Guru

an Independent Subsidiary of TRM, Inc.



Does your team know why they’re doing preventive maintenance inspections?

preventive maintenance inspections

When your team knows why they are doing even the simplest task, this can instantly improve your Preventive Maintenance program.

Knowing the reason behind what you are doing creates a huge change in perspective.

IDCON founder, Christer Idhammar, takes you on one of his earliest tasks on a ship and wondering “Why am I knocking bolts?”

Would you like to improve your own maintenance skills?

IDCON offers a robust library of maintenance books. We’d recommend starting with the GURU COMBO! It includes Christer’s latest book “Knocking Bolts”

Guru Combination of IDCON reliability and maintenance books

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