TRM’s Bridge to Cloud Program Provides SaaS Cost Savings for Construction Company




Maximo SaaS and Bridge to Cloud Program


A construction materials company had two separate instances of IBM Maximo that they wanted to consolidate into one and configure with new enhancements. After finding an experienced partner in TRM, we were we able to successfully complete their project, consolidate Maximo licenses and TRM content into a single subscription fee, and help them lock in low pricing as we migrate them to SaaS.


The construction materials company had two separate instances of Maximo, fairly complex environments, and highly demanding users.

Needing to combine their two instances they had invested hundreds of thousands of dollars, over the course of 4 years, working with 4 different Maximo service providers; none of whom were able to successfully complete the consolidation and associated configurations.


After demonstrating a keen understanding of their needs and highlighting our ability to apply the right people at the right time, we proposed ideas for the configuration at the organizational, site and location levels to address local needs while at the same time providing enterprise-level visibility into plant operations.

We also suggested that they take advantage of our Bridge to Cloud program which enables on-premise IBM Maximo license holders to leverage concurrent licenses for immediate cost savings, lock-in pricing for multiple years, and access TRM’s full suite of award-winning value-add software. The program also allows client’s to migrate their on-premise implementation to the cloud at their own pace.


Our team of Maximo Consultants collectively hold over 125 technology and industry certifications, 750 years of experience innovating in the EAM space, and 1000 successfully completed implementation and integration projects.

We merged the client’s Maximo systems and exceeded their expectations by successfully incorporating a series of enhancements, executing additional request added to the project scope, and thoroughly testing the system.

Also by providing attractive licensing options with our Bridge to Cloud program, the client was able to extend Maximo to additional users without incurring additional Maximo license and support costs and were positioned to transition to SaaS.


A construction materials company that supplies aggregates, cement, ready-mix concrete, and asphalt paving mix in the United States and Canada.