Case Study:
Bridge to Cloud + Bundled Licenses

Jun 24, 2020 | Case Study, TRM Blog

TRM’s Bridge to Cloud Program Provides SaaS Cost Savings for Water Utility


Metropolitan Water Agency


TRM RulesManager and Bridge to Cloud Program


A longtime TRM RulesManager Studio client, the water utility was spending several hundred thousand dollars per a year to renew their Maximo Software Subscription and Support (S&S) directly through IBM.  Due to these high costs the utility was exploring alternatives to IBM Maximo even though they were very happy with its capabilities.   Under TRM’s Bridge to Cloud Program, TRM was able to provide an integrated license to RulesManager and Maximo and save the municipal agency more than 30% per year.


The water utility was exploring alternative EAM solutions that could replace their existing IBM Maximo implementation. They had been an IBM Maximo customer for over 10 years and were happy with the solution. It was fully deployed across the enterprise and, as robust and sophisticated users, they had an internal staff to manage the system. Unfortunately, over the years, maintaining their licenses became cost prohibitive. So they had hoped to find an alternative solution with the exact same functionality that could fit within their limited budget.


The water utility, was a valued IBM Maximo and TRM RulesManager Studio customer, so we recommended that they take advantage of our Bridge to Cloud program.

TRM’s Bridge to Cloud program enables on-premise IBM Maximo and TRM RulesManager license holders to bundle their licenses and support resulting in immediate cost savings, locked-in pricing for multiple years, and access TRM’s full suite of award-winning value-add software. The program also allows clients to migrate their on-premise implementation to the cloud at their own pace.


By providing attractive licensing options with our Bridge to Cloud program, we saved the client over 30% on what they were previously paying and retained them as IBM Maximo clients.

The program reduced their overall spend, positioned them to transition to SaaS in the future, and consolidated their RulesManager licenses into a single subscription.


A water utility providing high-quality water and promoting its efficient use to 1.5 million people in its Midwestern city and many surrounding suburbs.