From the Lessons Learned Files: EAM/Maximo System Implementation

Scott Stukel, CMRP

Asset Management, Reliability, Maximo, Strategy, ISO 55000, EAM/CMMS, Executive Coaching


Having led and participated in countless EAM implementations in my career, both on the user and consulting sides, I have amassed volumes of lessons learned. Anyone who has gone through an Asset & Work Management business transformation project of this nature can attest to the challenges and successes, not to mention the lost nights sleep and grey hairs. Careers have been made and consultants have gone down in flames.

Fortunately, I have been reasonably successful translating my experiences and knowledge gained from you really smart folks into wins for my customers. In this edition, I’d like to share my “top ten” lessons learned. I tried to note them in order of progress through the project instead of relative importance, although that may be an idea for another article.

  1. Design the right RFP and select the best partner to team with you
  2. Secure Executive level vision, support, & participation
  3. Define Clear Strategy for (1) Asset and (2) Work Management keeping the objectives and needs of the business first
  4. Start with end game, quantify goals, develop metrics to monitor
  5. Leverage 80% Best Practices for Business Process Solution Development and tailor the remaining 20% for you…. don’t whiteboard it from scratch
  6. Align EAM/Maximo configuration with the Business Solution, extend the configuration where needed (TRM RulesManager, TRM Anywhere Builder, IBM Scheduler/Scheduler Plus)
  7. Engage Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and users in development & testing
  8. Don’t skimp on training
  9. Continuous Communication and collaboration with the line of business
  10. Design success into every phase of the solution

There is a lot of meat and significant work to be done behind each of these lessons, however with the right roadmap, team, and experts it isn’t so daunting. If I ever get a break perhaps it would be a good topic for a more detailed article or book?

What are your 5 biggest lessons from your EAM projects? What worked and what didn’t?