Further expanding TRM’s Cloud Solutions for Maximo, the SaaS Flex Model enables TRM to sell IBM Maximo SaaS packaged with IBM Maximo Industry Solutions, Maximo Add-ons and 3rd Party Maximo solutions, including TRM RulesManager.

Total Resource Management, Inc. (TRM), a leading enterprise asset management (EAM) consulting and technology firm, is the first IBM Maximo Partner to be authorized in IBM’s SaaS Flex Partner program.

This designation enables TRM to be the first provider in the market able to sell the IBM Maximo SaaS solution bundled with:

  • IBM Maximo Industry Solutions
  • IBM Maximo Add-Ons including: Anywhere, Spatial, HSE (Health Safety & Environmental), and more
  • Third Party Maximo productivity tools, including:
    • TRM RulesManager™ (a configuration and performance add-on)
    • TRM MaxAssist™ (embedded tutorial for Maximo)
    • TRM Lockout Tagout Manager™
    • Mobile solutions
  • Enterprise-level integrations including Integration Adapters
  • Data migration services
  • Customer-specific complex configurations

TRM has led the way with Maximo Cloud Solutions from delivering managed services for hosting customers since 2010 to creating High Performance Cloud™ for Maximo, selling and delivering the very first IBM Maximo SaaS project, to now becoming the first SaaS Flex Partner for Maximo.

Garner Bennett, TRM’s President and CEO commented, “IBM’s SaaS Flex Program is exactly what the market demanded and the solution for IBM to enable sophisticated partners like TRM the flexibility to package the right solution. Until this point, customers wanting IBM Maximo SaaS were limited to vanilla Maximo with Everyplace mobility and Scheduler add-on, with constrained configurability. This restricted solution did not meet the meets of our asset-intensive customers. As soon as we began telling customers about our new ability to sell and package solutions based on IBM Maximo SaaS, we saw immediate interest and market demand.”