Total Resource Management, Inc. (TRM), the world’s leading IBM Maximo solutions engineering company, is pleased to announce the release of TRM RulesManager Studio™ , the next generation of TRM RulesManager designed for IBM Maximo. TRM RulesManager Studio brings substantial feature enhancements, performance improvements and development innovations to a mature, proven, industry-leading software suite that optimizes your configuration management and control of all things Maximo.

TRM RulesManager Studio is a suite of capabilities that provide an Intelligent Engineering Framework for Maximo, with the:

  • RulesManager Engine: provides unparalleled configuration access to the entire Maximo Business Object (MB0) and Maximo Integrated Framework (MIF) architectures at run-time; with a collection of services that allows unlimited flexibility to configure Maximo, without ever touching the out-of-box Maximo code base.
  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE): a centralized, intuitive console for visualizing and managing all Maximo configuration elements
  • Standalone RuleManager Scripting Engine: the leading functional toolkit for efficient data migrations and integrations
  • Display engine: enables both expert and novices to configure and design Maximo easily and powerfully

TRM RulesManager Studio is the only solution for IBM Maximo commercially available that:

  • Presents all configurations in one environment, including Maximo 7.5 configurations and TRM rules
  • Provides one tool to edit the business logic, with all configurations done in one place
  • Offers a developer’s training tool for easily visualizing Maximo business objects
  • Provides content-assist help
  • Presents no performance degradation
  • Requires no Java programming
  • Allows Maximo to be substantially configured while remaining “out-of-the-box,” enabling simpler, faster and easier upgrades
  • Incorporates a real-time debugger for developers
  • Bridges multiple Maximo instances of various versions
  • Addresses Maximo life cycle management through configuration change reports, CheckPoint Manager
  • Guarantees all rules configured in one version of Maximo to operate in subsequent versions
  • Enables Maximo to be bridged with external environments, including JDBC, FTP, HTTP, JavaScript, Web Services and more
  • Provides a powerful standalone scripting engine for bulk data loading
  • Monitors performance with a streaming remote logger, cluster management and memory management
  • Enables agile development with assign-and-track team management and source control

RulesManager dramatically reduces the time, cost and risks of implementing, configuring and managing the lifecycle of Maximo. TRM’s customers have seen:

  • Implementation time for Maximo configurations reduced by 40-60%.
  • Development time for custom applications for Maximo reduced by 50%.
  • Maximo upgrade costs reduced by 60-70%.

“We’re excited that the advances in RulesManager Studio are now available to all Maximo customers. Already RulesManager is being used by hundreds of the most complex, asset-intensive organizations in the world, across industries. The performance and quality gains in this new version will bring immediate benefits to our current and future customers,” said Shiva Shivakumar, TRM Chief Technology Officer.

Created with four distinct perspectives:

  • RulesManager Developer
  • Application Developer
  • MIF Developer
  • Operations Console

TRM RulesManager Studio is a no-compromise, cost-effective and straightforward way to develop, configure, extend and manage Maximo.

TRM RulesManager Studio was designed specifically to deliver production and performance improvements to all stakeholders involved with IBM Maximo; from the CIO who can spend less, finish sooner and have full visibility of the lifecycle configuration of his Maximo system; to Maximo developers who can decrease their development time exponentially; to Maximo administrators who can monitor the performance of their Maximo system and easily access all configuration changes.

About TRM

Total Resource Management (TRM) is focused on improving the asset and operational performance of organizations through the effective use of information technologies. TRM is an IBM Premier Business Partner with over fifteen years experience delivering asset and service management solutions based upon IBM Maximo. TRM supports clients across a wide range of industries, including government, defense, cities, facilities, energy, utilities, transportation and life sciences.

TRM is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia and has business centers across the U.S. For more information, visit or call 703-548-4285.

TRM RulesManager and TRM RulesManager Studio are trademarks of Total Resource Management, Inc.
IBM Maximo is a registered trademark of IBM Corporation.

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Marketing Director
Total Resource Management