TRM today announced that it has been awarded the IBM Tivoli Award for TRM RulesManager in the IBM Tivoli Business Partner Innovation Award category for the 4th annual IBM Tivoli Awards at IBM Pulse 2011.

The IBM Tivoli Awards recognize IBM Tivoli Business Partners that have demonstrated excellence in delivering impressive business value to IBM clients based on their solutions with Tivoli software.

TRM RulesManager enables clients to tailor their IBM Maximo® Asset Management systems to meet unique business requirements with unmatched configuration, integration, data migration and control of Maximo. As an integrated configuration console for lightning fast, intuitive Maximo configuration and testing, RulesManager makes Maximo a better product.

RulesManager dramatically reduces the time, cost and risks to implement, configure and manage the lifecycle of Maximo. RulesManager customers have seen:

  • Implementation time for Maximo configurations reduced by 40-60%
  • Development time for custom applications for Maximo reduced by 50%
  • Maximo upgrade costs reduced by 60-70%

RulesManager is part of the smarter planet – a unified, simplified, connected, faster solution to deliver business requirements through Maximo.

  • Unified
    • One tool to edit business logic
    • All Configurations stored in one place
  • Simplified
    • The simple solution for complex business rules
    • Sits as an adjunct, never alters the base code and can be turned off completely or rule, by rule.
  • Faster
    • For Maximo developers, supporting agile software development environments
    • For Maximo users with dynamic screen feedback, as data is entered
  • Connected
    • Bridge functions for:
      • XML Web Services
      • FTP
      • HTTP
      • JDBC
      • File Directory
    • Integrations to other enterprise applications and Maximo systems

As a configuration control center for Maximo, RulesManager pays for itself time and time again.

Al Johnson, VP of product development commented “We want to thank our customers, our biggest proponents, who continually provide references for RulesManager and renew at a rate of 97% annually. Since 2000, when RulesManager was first conceived as a tool for TRM Maximo consultants to do their job better than any Maximo implementer in the market, RulesManager has helped innovate the Maximo solution. Our RulesManager solution provides the ideas to drive improvements to the overall product from Application Designer to Conditional Expression and Security. As we continue to develop RulesManager, we aim to make Maximo smarter everyday.”

“We are honored to receive such a distinguished award,” added Ray Brisbane, Chief Strategist, TRM. “Achieving this type of recognition from industry leaders illustrates our continued innovation in using Tivoli technology to create robust solutions and provide quality services to our customers.”

About TRM

TRM is focused on improving the performance of our clients’ operations using IBM Maximo Asset Management and Tivoli Service Management with proven consulting and software solutions. Over the past fifteen years, Total Resource Management (TRM) has delivered successful implementations, integrations, consolidations, upgrades, mobile solutions and training for hundreds of satisfied clients across all asset-intensive industries. Our consultants have:

  • Leading industry expertise in best practices
  • Combined over 400 staff-years of Maximo experience
  • IBM Maximo Asset Management / Maximo 5.x, Maximo 6.x and Maximo 7.x certifications
  • IBM Advanced Deployment in Services Management, Service Delivery and Process Automation
  • IBM Tivoli certifications in Tivoli Asset Management for IT (TAMIT), Tivoli Service Request Manager (TSRM), Tivoli Application
  • Dependency Discovery Manager (TADDM), and Tivoli Change & Configuration Management Database (CCMDB)

TRM’s solution portfolio includes TRM Software (add-on software modules for IBM Maximo Asset Management®):

  • TRM RulesManager SE (IBM/Tivoli-Approved) – Designed specifically for configuring IBM Maximo Asset Management® to meet clients’ unique business requirements. It features configuration, integration and data migration capabilities
  • TRM Lockout Tagout Manager – The only safety clearance application, powered by RulesManager, and seamlessly integrated with IBM Maximo Asset Management®
  • TRM Safety Tagging System – STS is a stand-alone software application that standardizes the lockout/tagout process for maximum worker safety and airtight audit traceability.

TRM is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia and has business centers across the U.S. For more information, visit or call 703-548-4285.

Maximo, Tivoli, IBM Maximo Asset Management and Tivoli Asset Management for IT, Tivoli Service Request Manager (TSRM), Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager (TADDM), and Tivoli Change & Configuration Management Database (CCMDB) are registered trademarks of IBM Corp.

TRM RulesManager SE is a trademark of Total Resource Management.

PR Contact

Candice Hickman
Marketing Director
Total Resource Management