Total Resource Management, Inc. (TRM) the leading provider of IBM Maximo Asset Management and Tivoli Service Management solutions, announces the availability of a new program for existing QuickPick customers to transfer their Maximo customization and tailoring needs to TRM RulesManager SE at incredible cost savings. The “Make the Switch” Program gives current QuickPick customers 50% off RulesManager list prices, for a limited time only.

The release of IBM Maximo 7.1 in 2009 showed that IBM incorporated many of the customizing features for Maximo Asset Management that QuickPick provided. IBM also ended the support for Maximo 4.1.1 and has announced the end of support for Maximo 5.x in September 2010 – encouraging customers to upgrade. Several organizations are facing a dilemma with these events – wanting to upgrade to take advantage of the new features and industry modules available in Maximo 7.x and yet, not wanting to lose the investment they have made in tailoring their systems and wanting to avoid the expense of trying to port all of those changes to the new Maximo version.

This is where RulesManager SE comes in. As the leading configuration software tool for Maximo, all rules can simply be ported over during an upgrade. The RulesManager Scripting Engine enables easy data migration and allows customers the ability to sidestep the IBM Maximo Upgrade utility and move directly from Maximo 4 or 5 to Maximo 7, thus avoiding the standard upgrade path of needing to convert to each new version, (i.e. Maximo 4 to Maximo 5 to Maximo 6 to Maximo 7). TRM RulesManager was designed specifically with clients’ return on investment in mind. RulesManager works in addition to any Java class extension already in place. This protects your investment in previous customizations. RulesManager SE sits on the outside of Maximo and exists as an adjunct technology; it never alters the base code of Maximo. So, customers can do unique tailoring of the system, while remaining “out-of-the-box” Maximo.

Current RulesManager customers continue to demand RulesManager as they upgrade to Maximo 7. “We have a 95% renewal rate for our Annual Customer Maintenance Plan and several RulesManager customers on Maximo 7,” commented Shiva Shivakumar, TRM’s Chief Technology Officer. “A recent survey of RulesManager customers indicated that 100% of customers surveyed would recommend RulesManager to other Maximo users. Now, is the time to upgrade, and TRM would like to encourage all QuickPick customers or those with highly customized Maximo systems to consider making the switch to RulesManager and get the most out of your investment in IBM Maximo Asset Management as they upgrade to the latest version,” added Mr. Shivakumar.

About TRM

TRM is focused on improving the performance of our clients’ operations using IBM Maximo Asset Management and Tivoli Service Management with proven consulting and software solutions. Over the past fifteen years, Total Resource Management (TRM) has delivered successful implementations, integrations, consolidations, upgrades, mobile solutions and training for hundreds of satisfied clients across all asset-intensive industries. Our consultants have:

  • Leading industry expertise in best practices
  • Combined over 400 staff-years of Maximo experience
  • IBM Maximo Asset Management / Maximo 5.x, Maximo 6.x and Maximo 7.x certifications
  • IBM Advanced Deployment in Services Management, Service Delivery and Process Automation
  • IBM Tivoli certifications in Tivoli Asset Management for IT (TAMIT), Tivoli Service Request Manager (TSRM), Tivoli Application
  • Dependency Discovery Manager (TADDM), and Tivoli Change & Configuration Management Database (CCMDB)

TRM’s solution portfolio includes TRM Software (add-on software modules for IBM Maximo Asset Management®):

  • TRM RulesManager SE (IBM/Tivoli-Approved) – Designed specifically for configuring IBM Maximo Asset Management® to meet clients’ unique business requirements. It features configuration, integration and data migration capabilities
  • TRM Lockout Tagout Manager – The only safety clearance application, powered by RulesManager, and seamlessly integrated with IBM Maximo Asset Management®
  • TRM Safety Tagging System – STS is a stand-alone software application that standardizes the lockout/tagout process for maximum worker safety and airtight audit traceability.

TRM is headquarted in Alexandria, Virginia and has business centers across the U.S. For more information, visit or call 703-548-4285.

QuickPick is a registered trademark of WorkTech Inc. and is in no way affiliated with Total Resource Management.
Maximo, Tivoli, IBM Maximo Asset Management and Tivoli Asset Management for IT, Tivoli Service Request Manager (TSRM), Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager (TADDM), and Tivoli Change & Configuration Management Database (CCMDB) are registered trademarks of IBM Corp.

TRM RulesManager SE is a trademark of Total Resource Management.

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Marketing Director
Total Resource Management