Total Resource Management is pleased to announce that over the recent past months we have expanded the contracting vehicles available to Federal and Department of Defense clients wishing to purchase TRM services. In addition to TRM’s GSA Schedule 70 IT contract, Federal customers may purchase consulting services unrelated to IT services from TRM’s MOBIS (Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services) Contract. The MOBIS program offers a full range of management and consulting services that can improve a federal agency’s performance and their endeavor in meeting mission goals. This additional contract enables federal customer to purchase business process consulting services as easily as they can acquire IT implementation services from TRM.

TRM has also been awarded inclusion on the Seaport-e program. SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort-e) has made electronic procurement of Engineering, Financial, and Program Management support services a reality. Using SeaPort-e, the Navy Virtual SYSCOM (VS) Commanders (NAVAIR, NAVSEA, NAVSUP and SPAWAR) have adopted an integrated approach to contracting for support services. This unified approach allows SeaPort-e service procurement teams to leverage their best work products, practices and approaches across the Navy’s critical service business sector. TRM is pleased to be part of this program and to have another contracting vehicle available for Navy and Marine customers. This new contract follows in TRM’s tradition of supporting the missions of our military clients and improving operations since 1993.

About TRM

Total Resource Management, Inc. (TRM) delivers strategic consulting and information technology solutions in an Integrated Asset Management framework. We help organizations improve the management and performance of their enterprise assets, both tangible (facilities, infrastructure, production and logistics) and intangible (technology, business processes and human capital). Over the past decade, the company has supported well over 200 clients with asset management technology expertise (EAM, CMMS), consulting, systems engineering, training and productivity software for Maximo that result in significant improvements to their business operations. Its headquarters are located in Alexandria, Virginia and supporting offices in Chesapeake, Virginia, California, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii. More information is found at