Total Resource Management, Inc. (TRM) announces a partnership agreement with Symantec Corporation to further enhance and optimize TRM’s Integrated Asset Management solutions with Symantec’s world-class Application Performance Management (APM) software solution. TRM’s integrated asset management solutions leverage the best of several disciplines, methods and analytic tools to optimize the management of organizational assets for clients in asset-intensive industries across the globe.

TRM focuses on designing and optimizing enterprise asset management systems to help organizations not only realize the full potential of such systems, but do this in an optimal configuration that maximizes performance and availability, while keeping the total cost of ownership to a minimum. Symantec’s APM solution proactively monitors, analyzes and diagnoses performance and availability bottlenecks that impact business-critical applications . As a Symantec Gold Partner, TRM can now bring to its enterprise asset management clients the technology to predict, actually see and manage the performance of their enterprise systems and the interfaces between all of their enterprise applications.

This partnership allows TRM to leverage Symantec’s APM software to perform comprehensive assessments, isolate issues, develop tuning recommendations, and validate marked improvements with the implementation of any system change (intended or otherwise). Using Symantec i 3, a member of the Symantec APM software family, TRM engineers are able to logically break down any system into tiers (e.g., hardware, operating system, web server, J2EE application server, database server); collect vital statistics within each tier; and correlate the data across all tiers to quickly isolate and resolve problem areas. On an ongoing basis, TRM engineers will be able to monitor and track the performance of IT systems; and proactively provide alerts and remediation recommendations before problems have a negative impact on our customers’ business.

“We have developed disciplines and proven methods in the use of Symantec’s APM and i 3 software to insure that clients who end up investing several thousands or millions of dollars into their enterprise systems are indeed receiving an optimal return on investment,” explained Don Omura, Chief Operating Officer, TRM.

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Liz Ruana
Director of Marketing
Total Resource Management

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