Total Resource Management, Inc. (TRM) today announces the release of TRM Lockout Tagout Manager™ software, the only safety tagging system software specifically designed to work within the Maximo® environment.

This application enables organizations (such as utilities, pharmaceuticals, or other process-driven companies) that must adhere to the OSHA 1910.147 energy isolation requirements to easily implement a compliant, hazardous energy control, lockout program throughout their facilities – all within the same enterprise asset management system used to manage their asset maintenance.

This solution allows clients to maintain their current procedures, processes, and even their unique form or tag formats. TRM Lockout Tagout Manager enables tag, instructions and form printing; action logging; and built-in security for access control — all seamlessly integrated with Maximo. Lockout Tagout Manager standardizes the lockout/tagout process for maximum worker safety and audit functionality. Users can quickly prepare, approve, track and audit all lockouts and tagouts, with configurable value lists that speed the process when performing repetitive and recurring procedures.

TRM combined its expertise in safety procedures and lockout /tagout processes from its highly successful Safety Tagging System (TRM STS™) software (a stand-alone application) with in-depth knowledge of Maximo 6 to create this vertical application that extends the capability of Maximo to support audit compliance. “We were finding that many of our STS customers requested that we integrate STS to Maximo as it’s one of the leading enterprise applications used throughout the utility industry. To better address our customers’ need for integration, we created a safety tagging system that works within Maximo,” explained William Wood, product developer for STS and Lockout Tagout Manager. “Integration is one of the market drivers in the enterprise application management space. We’re seeing quite a bit of interest already from companies that use Maximo and also have to implement safety clearance procedures,” Wood added.

About TRM

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