Total Resource Management, Inc. (TRM) today launched a new partner channel aimed at Maximo® software implementers and consultants around the globe featuring TRM RulesManager SE™. The channel program is designed to attract three types of business partners: implementers and consultants, asset management service providers and industry-focused, enterprise asset management business consultants and developers. For the first time, these organizations have the opportunity to partner with Total Resource Management to resell TRM RulesManager (the leading software application for configuring Maximo) into their established enterprise asset management client base.

Maximo is the world’s leading enterprise asset management (EAM) application and provides asset owners with the most powerful tool available to manage assets, reduce asset maintenance costs and increase return on assets. The addition of RulesManager SE exposes all of the power of this enterprise application to developers, administrators and business analysts in the most intuitive, menu-driven, content-assisted, integrated development environment. “The combination of RulesManager and Maximo create such a powerful tool for managing business, that we believe every Maximo customer should benefit from the capabilities that RulesManager brings in terms of configuring and managing the EAM lifecycle,” explains Al Johnson, vice president of product development. “This is why we are launching this channel and giving companies that help implement EAM systems or use Maximo to manage other organizations’ assets the potential ability to resell RulesManager and employ this tool.”

TRM RulesManager SE is the only software application and rules engine that:

  • Reduces time and expense to configure, integrate and manage the lifecycle of Maximo (and any technology that interfaces with it)
  • Provides iron-clad data integrity with system-enforced business process rules
  • Offers real-time, dynamic screen changes with an interactive display engine
  • Enables fields, tabs and records to be highlighted, hidden or displayed based on business rules, groups, and user-levels
  • Integrates business applications with Maximo
  • Enables add-on applications to be tailored to specific industry needs.

This newly-created channel program will allow organizations that configure, integrate or migrate Maximo for their clients the ability to bring to bear the power of RulesManager.

TRM invites companies that are interested in learning more about Total Resource Management’s business partner program for RulesManager to register with TRM here.

About TRM

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