Total Resource Management, Inc. (TRM) announces the release of RulesManager SE™ (Scripting Edition), the first fully integrated development environment for building rules in Maximo and developing applications for Maximo. This product represents a quantum leap forward in terms of integrating, configuring, migrating and validating data within Maximo, the best-of-breed enterprise asset management (EAM) software created by MRO Software.

TRM RulesManager SE is a powerful software tool that:

  • Ensures iron-clad data integrity with system-enforced business process rules and real-time, interactive feedback at the point of entry,
  • Reduces time and expense to configure, integrate and manage the Maximo lifecycle and any other applications that interface with Maximo,
  • Enables the creation of Maximo applications to fit unique business processes and needs, and
  • Communicates seamlessly to any variety of external systems using business process rules including email and web services.

Simplicity Plus Power

TRM RulesManager SE’s scripting environment simplifies the complexities of business logic programming and presents business rules in the easiest possible scripting language. This enables users with limited programming skills to tailor their Maximo configurations to meet specific industry requirements – without having to understand the Java or XML code that drives the configuration of their EAM systems.

TRM RulesManager SE also has the capability to integrate data from Maximo and other database systems. Users can connect data from one Maximo site, or from multiple sites, using handhelds, access databases, financial databases, or HR databases. This functionality is unique to RulesManager, and is due to the fact that the defined business rules reside in a rules engine resting outside the Maximo environment.

TRM RulesManager also:

  • Ensures that accurate and required information – in the requisite format – is all that is entered. By blocking bad data before it enters the database, an organization can avoid potentially serious data accuracy issues.
  • Provides more intuitive user-entry screens. Status changes requiring additional data input automatically navigate to each of the required fields in sequence. Fields currently being edited are highlighted – showing in real time the effect of your changes.
  • Reduces EAM implementation costs in terms of development, deployment, support and upgrades – as well as by eliminating the need to create costly clones, triggers and custom applications.

Helping clients improve their business processes while simultaneously reducing the costs and complexity involved with deploying EAM systems is one of TRM’s hallmarks. “TRM RulesManager SE is the latest generation of a powerful productivity enhancement tool that can easily integrate within the Maximo environment,” said TRM’s Vice President of Product Development, Al Johnson. “When used to its full capacity, TRM RulesManager SE allows our clients’ EAM systems to fully reflect the way their businesses should run and delivers ongoing value to customers.”

About Total Resource Management

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