Total Resource Management, Inc. (TRM), a privately-held asset management technology company, posted a 67% growth in revenue over last fiscal year to $23,244,000. As part of this performance the company vaulted into the top five percent of IT contractors reporting on Schedule 70, according to published General Service Administration (GSA) figures.

Total Resource Management has achieved over 50% compounded annual growth since 1993, with this past year exceeding expectations, according to CEO Ray Brisbane who founded the company. “We have continued investing in our technology capabilities to address the challenges of enterprise internet architecture systems,” Brisbane explains. These investments enabled TRM to help clients with several challenging and complex projects last year including engineering the asset management system for rebuilding Iraq and integrating the enterprise information technology system that manages over $2 billion in facilities and utilities assets for the Navy.

“We are rapidly emerging as a world-class consulting and technology company,” Brisbane adds. “We continue to add to our best practice methodologies and our clients are benefiting from these and other significant investments. This past year the company invested in acquiring industry-specific expertise to address the complex problems faced by other asset-intensive industries, including manufacturing, transportation and energy and utilities,” Brisbane added.

For example, in January 2005, Total Resource Management acquired Quality Systems Inc.’s assets and technology, elevating itself to one of the leading U.S. providers of asset management technology for the utilities industry.

“Part of Total Resource Management’s ongoing financial success is attributable to our philosophy of embracing world-class technologies to expand the depth and breadth of our offerings,” comments Brisbane. Total Resource Management partners with best-in-breed partners like Mercury to become a leader in Business Technology Optimization. The company also re-invests a significant amount of capital into research and development of software designed to help clients better manage all asset-related data in real time (e.g., requirements, documents, drawings, multimedia, maps, etc.).

In terms of what the future holds, Brisbane explains, “We’re prepared to assist our clients as they deal with increasing competition, recent accountability regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the President’s Management Agenda, as well as declining budgets. Continually improving organizational performance through better asset management is key to success in any business.”

Decision-makers across asset-intensive industries are looking for more control and predictability when it comes to managing their assets and resources. Brisbane continues, “As we continue to invest in our strategic capabilities we pass this expertise on to our clients to help their organizations better manage physical, technology and human assets. Our leading strategies, combined with our extraordinary client success rate when managing our technology and organizational change management projects, allow us to compete directly with the world’s leading consulting and technology firms.”

About Total Resource Management

Total Resource Management, Inc. (TRM) delivers strategic consulting and information technology solutions that help organizations improve the management and performance of their enterprise assets, both tangible (facilities, infrastructure, production and logistics) and intangible (technology, business processes and human capital). Over the past decade, the company has supported over 200 clients with asset management technology expertise, professional services and productivity enhancement products that result in significant improvements to their business operations. Its headquarters are located in Alexandria, Virginia and supporting offices are located across the U.S. Total Resource Management’s Advanced Technology Centers are located in Virginia, California, Washington, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Hawaii. More information is found at