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Total Resource Management and XTIVITY, Inc. today finalized a partnership agreement to jointly market and deliver an inventory optimization solution that accurately forecasts both frequently and sporadically used inventory items while reducing overall inventory investment.

Total Resource Management will resell and provide implementation services for XTIVITY’s Inventory Optimizer (xIO™). Managing inventory levels for MRO supplies is a complex and challenging problem, often misunderstood and therefore often mismanaged. Because MRO supply items are typically used only sporadically, the calculations normally used to determine inventory order points and quantities (OP/OQ) are simply not valid. The xIO tool uses a scientific approach with proven statistical methods to calculate and validate OP/OQ so that MRO inventory levels accurately reflect consumption – resulting in higher fill rates with lower inventory investment. No longer will companies be buying MRO inventory today that will become excess stock tomorrow. The complimentary skills of both companies will be leveraged to equip organizations with the right information to make inventory control decisions and arm key executives with the decision-making support required for corporate governance of MRO materials.

“We chose to partner with Total Resource Management because of the depth and breadth of its subject matter expertise in vertical markets such as federal, transportation, utilities and manufacturing, as well as their experienced implementation staff and supply chain experts,” said Ned Meyer, XTIVITY vice-president. “Total Resource Management is well positioned to enable clients to realize savings almost immediately.”

xIO has delivered impressive results for current clients. For example, Inland Truck Parts is a large transportation industry company that faced mounting MRO inventories from too many sporadic-use items. xIO improved Inland’s fleet uptime by optimizing inventory at Inland’s 25 branch locations across the U.S. “Using xIO has allowed us to noticeably improve customer service by reducing out-of-stocks,” said Ken Husey, chief information officer for Inland Truck. “Since implementing xIO four years ago, our fill rates have increased and our client satisfaction levels have soared because we have the right inventory in the right location at the right time.”

Ray Brisbane, president and CEO of Total Resource Management, said that his company is excited about this partnership. “With more than 200 enterprise asset management implementations, we are well aware of the unique challenges that arise in MRO environments, and we’ve recognized a need in the market for an inventory optimization product that serves the MRO exclusively and correctly,” he said. “The timing is perfect, as xIO’s release coincides with the new emphasis on inventory management created by recently passed legislation and regulations, including Sarbanes-Oxley, GASB 34 and 35, and President Bush’s Executive Order 13327 on Federal Real Property Management.”

“Once implemented, this solution provides clients with a superior information infrastructure that accounts for the level of detail necessary to achieve compliance with all of these regulations,” Brisbane added.

About Total Resource Management

Total Resource Management, Inc. (TRM) delivers consulting and information technology solutions that help organizations improve the management and performance of their enterprise assets (facilities, infrastructure, logistics, production and IT). Over the past decade, the company has supported over 200 clients with enterprise asset management expertise, professional services and productivity enhancement products that result in significant improvements to their business operations.

Its headquarters are located in Alexandria, Virginia and supporting offices are located across the U.S. Total Resource Management’s Advanced Technology Centers are located in Virginia, California, Washington, Pennsylvania and Hawaii. More information is found at


Software tools from XTIVITY Inc. deliver hard cost savings while improving executive confidence in Operations decision-making. XTIVITY’s executive team includes experienced leaders in MRO, software development and best practice implementation. The XTIVITY Inventory Optimizer (xIO™) is the only software tool on the market proven to optimize MRO inventories – while offering unparalleled efficiencies and controls in corporate governance at the Operations level. xIO™ delivers proven results in refining, mining, food, transportation and automotive industries. More information is found at

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