TRM Partners with Equinix Supporting Iraq Rebuilding Effort

Sep 20, 2004 | Press

Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), the leading provider of network-neutral data centers and Internet exchange services, and Total Resource Management, Inc. (TRM), a leading asset management consulting and technology company, today announced that TRM will utilize Equinix’s Washington, D.C. area Internet Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center to enhance the delivery of the Iraq Reconstruction Management System on behalf of its client, the Iraq Project and Contracting Office (PCO). By hosting network operations at Equinix’s secure and reliable Internet hub, TRM will streamline the connectivity infrastructure that supports this project, as well as TRM’s global operations with the U.S. Government and other organizations.

TRM delivers consulting and technology solutions that help organizations align their business processes with their organizational strategy and improve the management and performance of their enterprise assets. In January of 2004, TRM was awarded a contract by the Coalition Provisional Authority Program Management Office to help engineer, deploy and integrate the Iraq Reconstruction Management System, the technology system driving the multisite, multilingual enterprise for the infrastructure reconstruction effort in Iraq. This system is designed to manage all resources necessary to rebuild schools, hospitals, utilities, natural resources, government offices and all infrastructure elements in Iraq. The system will integrate with the financial and procurement systems that the U.S. Government uses to support the rebuilding effort. A key element of the delivery of this system is a secure, reliable and redundant communication and network infrastructure that is now based at Equinix.

The aggregation of carriers, ISPs and other network service providers offered by Equinix within its Washington, D.C. area Internet hub will enable TRM to cost-effectively execute strategic connectivity agreements with virtually any major network within a highly secure and reliable environment. With a choice of more than 200 networks, Equinix provides the greatest amount of flexibility for TRM to select from a wide choice of networking partners and implement network redundancy for critical IT operations.

“Our clients rely on us to manage their mission critical enterprise systems,” said Jim Miwa, director of system engineering at Total Resource Management. “The PCO’s system in particular required a world class colocation facility. Equinix’s high-performance data centers and service provider ‘neutrality’ provides the flexibility that our clients demand while allowing us to deliver our engineering and configuration management services remotely as we continue to introduce a wider range of hosted application offerings.”

“Equinix has experienced strong growth from the U.S. Government and contractors who have found that Equinix’s secure, network-rich environment and connectivity options offer a compelling alternative to traditional data centers,” said Peter Van Camp, CEO of Equinix. “By moving its infrastructure to Equinix, TRM can significantly enhance service while reducing overall networking costs.”

About TRM

Total Resource Management, Inc. (TRM) delivers consulting and information technology solutions that help organizations improve the management and performance of their enterprise assets (facilities, infrastructure and production). Over the past decade, TRM has supported nearly 200 clients with enterprise asset management expertise, professional services and productivity enhancement products that result in significant improvements to their business operations. TRM was founded in 1993. Its headquarters are located in Alexandria, VA, and supporting offices are located across the U.S. TRM’s Advanced Technology Centers are located in Virginia, California, Washington and Hawaii. More information can be found at

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Equinix is the leading global provider of network-neutral data centers and Internet exchange services for enterprises, content companies, systems integrators and network services providers. Through the company’s 14 Internet Business Exchange™ (IBX®) centers in five countries, customers can directly interconnect with every major global network and ISP for their critical peering, transit and traffic exchange requirements. These interconnection points facilitate the highest performance and growth of the Internet by serving as neutral and open marketplaces for Internet infrastructure services, allowing customers to expand their businesses while reducing costs.

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