MRO Software & TRM Expand Asset Management Agmt with Iraq PCO

Jul 20, 2004 | Press

MRO Software (Nasdaq: MROI), the leading provider of strategic asset management solutions, and Total Resource Management (TRM), an asset management consulting and technology solutions provider, today announced that the Iraq Project and Contracting Office (PCO), formerly named the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) Program Management Office (PMO) has purchased additional Maximo licenses and services to be used in the reconstruction and sustainment efforts in Iraq. The secondary agreement was closed in MRO Software’s third fiscal quarter.

As the PCO continues the massive rebuilding project in Iraq, MRO Software’s Maximo has been an integral part of the reconstruction efforts. The initial program award began in January 2004, when the CPA awarded funding for the engineering and deployment of the Iraq Reconstruction Management System. The winning team included Total Resource Management for project management and MRO Software’s Maximo asset management solution. This multi-lingual Iraq Reconstruction Management System manages all resources associated with the rebuilding efforts of electricity, water & wastewater, security and justice, buildings housings & health, telecom and oil & gas.

The license extension reflects the growing scope of the project. There are currently more than 5,000 projects tracked in the Maximo system that TRM is deploying. The system provides a central repository for a range of documents and information including: architectural blueprints, specifications, contract documents and contractual warranties. In addition the system stores procurement information for an inventory of $6.2 billion worth of non-construction materials.

In addition to the purchasing and project management activities, a critical component of the PCO rebuilding effort includes sustainment. This mandate requires all new contractors involved in reconstruction efforts to support full lifecycle asset management. This includes providing documentation, maintenance plans and spare parts inventories for the projects they complete. Providing these deliverables for each project helps to ensure not only that the projects meet current requirements but also helps to ensure that the Iraqi people will have the wherewithal to sustain the new infrastructure well into the future. The Iraq Reconstruction Management System tracks and ensures compliance with all sustainment plans and deliverables.

“We are proud to be playing a role in the critical reconstruction efforts in Iraq,” said Patricia C. Foye, executive vice president marketing and global alliances, at MRO Software. “We are working with TRM to support the PCO to extend Maximo’s accessibility to the contractors and eventually the Iraqi people. The scale and scope of this program is amazing. The system that TRM has developed to deliver this critical project management capability is truly unique.”

“TRM views Maximo as the ideal development platform for a project of this magnitude. It allows our team to successfully deploy Maximo in only months where it otherwise would have taken several years,” said Ray Brisbane, TRM’s president and CEO. “We are extremely pleased to have been selected for such an important role in the PCO efforts.”

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