RM Safety Tagging System Software (TRM STS®) standardizes the lockout/tagout process for maximum worker safety and airtight audit traceability. Users can quickly prepare, approve, track and audit all lockouts and tagouts, with simple drop-down lists that speed the process when performing repetitive and recurring procedures.

TRM STS features built-in security processes that standardize procedures and automate paperwork, saving time and reducing errors. Fully customizable to your needs and supports compliance with OSHA’s 1910.147 and 1910.269 energy isolation requirements.

TRM STS (Safety Tagging System) is a client server solution that can be a stand-alone solution or can be integrated with a variety of enterprise asset management systems, including Maximo.


Standardizing the lockout/tagout process saves time and customizable drop-down lists enable consistency for recurring procedures.

  • Improved Safety: Standard lockout and tagout procedures stored in STS provide a fast and consistently accurate method for ensuring a safe working environment for maintenance.
  • Reduced Staff Hours: Standardizing the lockout/tagout process saves time. STS also builds in efficiencies such as increasing the legibility and speed of paperwork by generating printed tags and forms.
  • Increased Information Availability: Using a networked solution provides users and management with real-time information. It also ensures accountability by assigning users access based on their level of responsibility.
  • Reduced Cost of Outage Events: Lockout/tagouts can be prepared in advance so they are ready for issue at the start of an outage or turnaround. TRM STS also enables better management of outage-related lockout/tagouts, making it easier and less expensive to bring systems back online.
  • Auditable Compliance: An audit trail is created from the moment a lockout/tagout is requested to the moment it is archived. The history of your lockout/tagouts is easily available.
  • Easy Implementation: Your business processes are reflected in your STS configuration and your current process, nomenclature, forms, tags and reports align within the STS framework. Your electronic data is migrated to the STS database and printed forms are formatted to match your current forms.