Spend Less and Finish Sooner with TRM RulesManager Studio

A single, unified solution to extend capabilities, enhance operational control, maximize performance, and streamline configuration management of IBM Maximo

TRM RulesManager Studio is a suite of capabilities designed to enhance all aspects of your Maximo lifecycle from design, development, testing, training, deployment, user acceptance, performance monitoring and lifecycle configuration management.

The Studio suite consists of these core functionalities:


TRM RulesManager is used more than 120 complex organizations. It has proven to lower the total cost of ownership and improve the return on investment in these areas:

  • Immediate savings in the implementation by cutting cost by 30‐40%.
  • On‐going savings in the ease of configuration management and ability to easily evolve Maximo with the evolution of business
  • Dramatically reduced time and costs for development, deployment, testing, support and upgrades
  • Future savings by decreasing the upgrades costs 60‐70%
  • No Java programming required
  • No risk, RulesManager never alters the base code of Maximo
  • Satisfy business requirements across sites, organizations and groups in a single platform Maximo