TRM Anywhere Builder External FAQs

  • Q:   What is the cost and licensing structure?

A:  Anywhere Builder costs a small percentage of Maximo Anywhere. Anywhere Builder pricing is based on the number of Maximo Anywhere licenses a client has and is in terms of blocks of users, so a one-for-one license is not required. Please contact for any pricing inquiries

  • Q: I am an IBM Business Partner, can I resell Anywhere Builder to my clients or purchase to implement Maximo Anywhere projects?

A: At this time, no. Only Maximo end customers may buy Anywhere Builder through TRM. We would be happy to work with you and your customer to get Anywhere Builder in place for your deployment. We also encourage the Business Partner community to make a request to your IBM channel rep to get Anywhere Builder on the IBM Pricelist so it may be sold easily to everyone who needs it.

  • Q: What level of integration is there with development using Rules Manager?

A: Currently, Anywhere Builder is not connected to RulesManager in anyway.  RulesManager Studio is based of Eclipse Luna and Anywhere Builder is based on Eclipse Kepler which is the eclipse version required to run MaximoAnywhere and MobileFirstStudio.

  • Q: Do you have this working with Source Control (like with RM)?

A: Yes, We connect to other plugins in eclipse. So if you have a source control plugin it will be connected to the Anywhere Builder Plugin

  • Q: Can you link an event from WorkExecution to bring up the Asset info in AssetDataManager? 

A: No, but IBM is working on that.

  • Q: What impact do Anywhere/MobileFirst upgrades/patches from IBM have on Anywhere Builder? 

A: None, the builder is designed to handle updated systems, and has functionality to apply functionality added with the builder to newer versions of Maximo Anywhere.

  • Q: Are there any additional layers added in this framework when the apps run on the mobile device? Or this is just on the development/design tools?

A: No additional layer is added. We developed the tool with that intent so upgrading versions of Anywhere would not be contingent on updating a framework.


  • Q: Do you store all of this in the app.xml? and the layout folder? Or do you use the specific folder that indicates all changes made by TRM Anywhere Builder?

A: These are stored in the app xml and the layout folder. We tag all of our items that we create so we can easily find them. Our javascript methods are stored in a separate directory (like when you create a hide event.)

  • Q: Do you support horizontal scrollable UI? Like in Tablet, if the user want to scroll right/left?

A: If Maximo Anywhere supports it, Anywhere Builder will support it. We just bring forward into a GUI the configurable XML and JavaScript of Maximo Anywhere.

  • Q: You are using MS Wiindows OS for this demo, do you also support the AW Builder tool for Eclipse Kepler on Mac OS to build iOS app?

A: Yes

  •  Q: What is the version of eclipse the Anywhere Builder works on

A: Kepler. When IBM updates their MobileFirst studio to work on more recent versions of Eclipse, Anywhere Builder will work on those as well.

  • Q: How do you debug?

A: You debug in chrome using their developer tools.


  • Q: Would you also have anywhere builder developer and user guides you can share?

A: Our help and the user guide are available within the product when you purchase it.

  • Q: Is there a way to group all apps under one?

A: You mean create a universal app with functionality representing all apps? You can customize an app to include data and functionality from all other apps.

  • Q: The problem in Maximo Anywhere, is that it needs a main object such as workorder or ticket in the worklist which makes it hard job to group all apps into one.

A: Yes, some apps make use of a navigation panel. This would enable usage of multiple main objects, wo, sr, asset etc depending on what view you navigate to from that panel.


  • Q: How do you migrate configurations from development to test/prod environments when these involves modifications to the OSLC objects structures and resources?

A:  We’ve added a new feature which will apply those changes to any Maximo connection from within the builder, or you can use Migration Manager from inside of Maximo to track the changes.

  • Q: How do you initially load all the applications in the builder?

A:  You import the MaximoAnywhere project that is included when you install Maximo Anywhere.




  • Q: Does the application rebuild every time you save a file in your project? Anywhere does this and it’s very time-consuming and annoying.

A: No, we put an action in the Anywhere Builder to disable the automatic project rebuild.

  • Q: Like App Designer in Maximo, are there layouts/functionality you can only do in the xml/code that you can’t do in the Anywhere Builder?

A: No, our goal was to bring forward everything you need to do in XML into an easy to use graphical interface.


  • Q: You are still using the OSLC layer right? Will it automatically add OSLC object structures?

A: Correct. We add it appropriately to the associated Object Structures in Maximo.

  • Q: So, Anywhere builder does not add anything into the Anywhere code that requires an Anywhere Builder license on the mobile client or server. It is a “just” a simpler way to enhance/modify Anywhere. The resulting code is pure Anywhere.

A: Correct…in essence you would be developing pure Anywhere functionality we add scripts and syntax to enhance the native functionality.


  • Q: Does Anywhere Builder connect through the Anywhere specific apps ONLY? For instance can the Service Request application speak to Maximo Oil and Gas application INCIDENT?

A: You can connect to any Maximo object. Just ensure you remain within the intent of the original application so you do not need to purchase additional MobileFirst licenses.

  • Q: Is there an annual maintenance fee for your product?

A: Yes, there will be annual maintenance which will cover patches, hot fixes, bug fixes, support and upgrades. It is the standard 20%.

  • Q: Theoretically, could Builder work with any other applications outside of the Maximo world?  

A: No, it is designed to work with Maximo Anywhere.


  • Q: Is there an online demo for this (where we can build something)?

A:   There is currently not a sandbox for Anywhere Builder. We will be bringing out online demo videos and do customer demos by request.

  • Q: Does it add additional code to the Anywhere code?

A:   When you add new events (like hiding, or styling) we extend their javascript to add new code. We do a majority of that effort behind the scenes so developers do not need to manage that effort.


  • Q: Does Anywhere builder support the electronic signature?

A: If Maximo Anywhere supports that functionality, the builder does as well.



  • Q: Is there any way to build reports?

A: You can build views easily that can display data which can display data that would be developed into a report.

  • Q: Is there a list of supported eclipse versions available?

A: We work with the eclipse version that IBM has their MobileFirst plugin associated with (currently Kepler).


  • Q: Are there any Anywhere Builder limitations that would require the use of two development platforms to accomplish all configurations?

A: Not really a limitation, but you cannot build IOS apps on Windows or vice versa, so you would need two development environments if you are developing applications for both device types.

  • Q: Is Anywhere Builder part of TRM’s SaaS offering?

A: Anywhere Builder along with TRM RulesManager are included in TRM SaaS offerings but not part of IBM SaaS resold by TRM.