Making Mobile Work for You: IBM Maximo Anywhere + TRM Anywhere Builder

IBM Maximo Anywhere delivers instant mobile access to Maximo, even when remote workers are disconnected, giving your mobile workforce the ability to:

  • Interact with a broad range of instrumented machines and smart devices
  • Complete tasks virtually anywhere with secure, trusted transactions

As experts in mobile development, we have found there is a high need for most organizations to hire skilled developers to configure Anywhere to meet their unique business requirements.

TRM Anywhere Builder Makes It Easy to Develop & Responsive to Your Users Requirements

Anywhere Builder interface has basic, common actions used by most Maximo Anywhere designers. With Anywhere Builder, you can configure exact positioning of Maximo elements graphically, and see a live preview of the mobile device display while editing.

With TRM Anywhere Builder, configuring Maximo Anywhere is simple, cost effective and fast.

Anywhere Builder Features

  • Intuitive buttons for common tasks:  deploy, preview, add fields, import data, attach event business logic
  • Easily customize screens with drag’n drop on WYSIWYG previews
  • Point and click your way through simple configurations such as styling, hiding, field validation
  • Add or edit lookups on Anywhere fields
  • Connect Anywhere to your Maximo data with easy‐to‐use wizards.  All the legwork of configuring Maximo, importing RDFs, manipulating build files and configuring resource definitions are simplified by a wizard.
  • Use step‐by‐step wizards to help create custom queries, lookups, views, and layouts

Benefit the Business!

  • Extend both Anywhere out-of-the-box apps and Flex Forms with no java or xml coding – enabling your IT staff to quickly meet business needs
  • Quickly design complex forms for unique business processes while giving users intuitive displays and forms
  • No integration needed – designed specifically for Anywhere
  • Build custom mobile apps in a fraction of the time
  • Easy upgrades with built-in tools to bring customizations into new Anywhere versions

anywhere diagram

TRM Anywhere Builder is the latest in the long line of productivity tools developed by TRM to improve the functionality, performance and return on customers’ investment in IBM Maximo.