MaxPerform – a TRM RulesManager Studio application, when the performance of your Maximo system matters!

Control, Visibility, Automation, Lifecycle Configuration, Monitor and Test

MaxPerform is a collection of capabilities that enable you to test, monitor, compare, automate, manage and control your Maximo system. Below are the features included in the MaxPerform part of RulesManager:

RampUp as a part of MaxPerform is a collection of capabilities that enables load testing, application performance monitoring and single unit testing (QA walkthrus) for IBM Maximo.

Load Testing – With RulesManager’s load testing tool, clients can use actual application business processes to simulate loads on the system to ensure smooth system performance for your users. This is particularly useful after major configurations or prior to release of a new system or upgrade. Specifically designed for Maximo, this tool is the fastest and easiest way to record and play Maximo business process steps. Business process steps are recorded just like a user performing a process – no requirement for complicated scripting. RampUp records and runs the steps, simulating any number of concurrent users to produce comprehensive performance reports.

APM – The same core RulesManager RampUp features end-to-end application performance management, commonly referred to as APM. Business process monitors are installed at the data center (typically on server subnet and adjacent to or outside the data center edge devices) and at user sites. These monitors generate synthetic transactions which monitor the actual end-to-end performance at user locations and compliance to SLAs. Besides detecting problems with the system and data center infrastructure, APM can detect issues with wide area connectivity and remote networking.

QA Walkthru – A Walkthru is a unit test for Maximo to test how a user will go through a set of steps and can validate functionality like data, field editability, field requirement(s), control visibility or HTML matching. It is a recording of an action sequence performed in the front end (browser) of a Maximo system, like a user would. When run, a browser will step through each click and entry performed, and alert you to any hiccups.

Checkpoint Manager – CheckPoint Manager lets you create and compare system checkpoints (an image of your data at a point in time), e.g. from out-of-the-box Maximo to your recently configured system. You can see what changes exist between environments or what changes have been made to a system over a period of time. This can come in handy when upgrading, documenting configurations changes and even trouble-shooting.

Operations Console – The Operations Console Perspective is used to administer the development team and Maximo clusters/servers. This perspective provides an intuitive way to manage the rules on all your Maximo systems, from the development system to the productions system. There are tools for measuring the performance of your systems as well as calculating differences between your systems. The team administrator can also harness the power built into the eclipse environment for connecting your Maximo environment to source control systems, as well as task management systems. This is the lifecycle management console for Maximo.

Within the Operations Console, Maximo administrators can:

  • Create new connections and clusters
  • Promote Rules from one cluster or system to another
  • Analyze Maximo performance:
    • Active sessions
    • Active events and event metrics
    • Mbo monitoring and memory analysis
    • Graphical performance data over time
  • Rule/Configuration reporting wizard – you now have the ability to create an Excel spreadsheet report of your entire Rule Set, as well as your Maximo AutoScript configurations – giving you a single, categorized view of all your scripting and rule-based configurations
  • Server Log View

License Compliance Review – Maximo clients must remain in compliance with IBM Maximo licensing requirements, or face some pretty steep penalties. As systems grow and change over the years, this can be difficult to manage. The License Compliance tool will let you take a count your different types of users and applications to help you understand if you might be out of compliance.

All of these RulesManager features combined will give you the confidence to completely control and visibility of your Maximo system.