MaxAssist: the only online training module designed for IBM Maximo®

Highest Impact, BEST ROI, Lowest Cost, No-Risk Solution to Train and Assist Maximo Users

MaxAssist is an integrated tutorial module designed for the world’s leading EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) system – IBM Maximo®.

Often, when organizations are first implementing Maximo, have a large amount of casual users or have gone through procedural or significant Maximo upgrades, they need a solution that will assist their users in using Maximo.  This is where the new and revolutionary training tool, MaxAssist, comes to the rescue.


MaxAssist is a truly low-cost option for improving the productivity, user acceptance and performance of Maximo.  Within days, the ROI for MaxAssist can be achieved. You’ll witness users more comfortable knowing what to do next, why they are filling in the fields and have a better understanding of your organization’s business processes.
MaxAssist configured to meet your organization’s needs can take the place of bulky, often un-used training modules or expensive training classes.  Additionally, MaxAssist is a great compliment to your in-house Maximo trainers or consultants to re-emphasize the functional lessons.


With MaxAssist you can target specific training for Maximo applications, users, groups and/or organizations.
And, users can turn MaxAssist on and off easily, making it the perfect tool to get up to speed or as a handy reminder, with unique features like:

  • Intuitive instructions integrated with Maximo screens to guide learning
  • Dynamically works with the data your users

 MaxAssist Features

Page Guides: the main component of MaxAssist.

Page Guides are comprised of a “To Do” list and a series of instructive Tool Tips assigned to Maximo fields.  When MaxAssist is turned on, the Page Guide can automatically open for specific users or groups. From there, users click on any step in the Page Guide to automatically select the field or action for the user and are walked through a set of tasks.

On-screen To-Do Lists: A sticky, movable list of instructions presented to assist the Maximo User.  When an instruction is clicked, MaxAssist highlights the fields or buttons involved.  Once completed, the task remains in the list and is crossed off.

Tool Tips: Easily add a tooltip to any field in Maximo to inform users of useful information to allow users to know why they are filling in that field.  These tips can be very specific to the current business process to inform the user at any level of specificity.

Powered by the award winning TRM RulesManager Framework, MaxAssist seamlessly integrates with Maximo and works on top of any existing customizations.

MaxAssist Benefits

  • Speed the adoption and use of Maximo
  • Dramatically reduce training costs
  • Enable more accurate and complete data into the system
  • Ease the change management process for adopting Maximo, upgraded Maximo systems or large configuration changes
  • Onboard new users quickly and give “casual” users a handy reminder
  • Deploy in one new site or globally
  • Customize training by Maximo application, user, group and/or organizations
  • Turn MaxAssist on and off easily

Configuring MaxAssist is Easy!


MaxAssist comes with point-and-click functionality for easy configurations.
To add a To-Do item to a Page Guide, you simply point and click on a control in the Page Guide Editor.

And, the MaxAssist Explorer organizes all of the components and functionality of MaxAssist as shown below:


MaxAssist is powered by the award winning TRM RulesManager Framework, MaxAssist seamlessly integrates with Maximo and works on top of any existing customizations.